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You Watch BBC for the strategy. This is not the place for Youtube. Let's get messy. Laundry. Arden, come with me. Welcome sue this. Sloppy. I M. Rob Cicirino here we are on the podcast where we talked about nothing but the big brother nonsense and I'm very happy to be joined by women. Who is no nonsense that That's probably not true here she is very excited to talk with us a one one of the most fun people around to talk to in my humble opinion she went through all of big brother four recently with Karen Armstrong on the Big Brother Block you mentally you could hear her on on a number of RJ podcasts also on her own podcast Caskey cast please welcome frail Mary America Caskey Mary. How are you? Doing Great I. Yeah. You know it's been. It's been ten days since single nonsense in my apartment. So I think we're doing. Okay. But now it's time for some nonsense time for some slop. Just call me sloppy Joe. Joe. Okay Sloppy Mary very happy to have you here Mary on a Monday Mary Monday. Oh Wow look at that. In A, but we're here we're back. We've somehow just gone full circle back to Monday I. Think I've done every day at this point. We've been fun show coming up here today. We're probably going to hear from Ryan Pola who was came he came into the season. This was a four act play came on excited concerned defeated, and then ultimately Jon Allen. keissar fraud intensive purposes over. He'll come on to turn out the lights on the. Show and then we're going to speak with Kelly. When worth of survivor she is a big brother Fan will hear what she has to say about this and then we'll be joined by Nigel and Kevin, and we'll take some calls from the listeners. That's my favorite thing to do I, love to hear. What you guys have to say beyond lookout post the link coming up in a little bit where we'll take your calls once again here on the SLOP Mary how have you been? I've been good. You know I think that there hasn't been too much going on in my house at all. So I, think the. Big Brother Hang on. Hold on my star baby is is just acted out by gang. Is GonNa. Be. Really Star baby now no I you know I don't have an Enzo to bring those out of me. So I think that I think that's probably for the best all in all. Yeah. Okay. All right. Why was this Chevy needed to attend to star baby at all? No no, it's fine. It just it likes to chill by itself and I let it cry and then I can push mute button and it's great. It's great. That's the way to do it. All right. So here we are at the end of or the sort of still the middle of ends h week looking very much like. Qaysar is not much longer for the big brother world, but this is still seventy two hours to go..

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