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Yeah hukou how come you just couldn't compare them they're like robin yana some yet to compare them each because he was an import didn't play in our minor league robin yount didn't come from japan looking back into baseball cards maybe now again keys keys baseball card had the bad gum stuck on the back of it so it didn't almost good choose oh those pink pigs dick the first five choose you was straight and then that's at that it was it was pretty that was so paper the paper it was yellow blue pink or reddish pink and it had the little characters on it right like remember rash all the time five shoes i still got a bunch of baseball cards ooh was horrid you remember that it's a good question choose did you get out of the baseball hard fi because your your shocking lock in was white like powder sooner but he wasn't sugar no sugar probably we shook some sort of right near right that got that just got crusted onto the thing basically choose your does hurt is he doing drew del beckham dear is dodging knives and a new training regimen oh yeah i have that story yes yeah we don't want you doing that brcko guys real pickle check i at the hotline he wants to know where you can get that gun with the white powder oh no i'm liberal do y'all aaron donald is like he's like a ninja man dodging.

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