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Text KBC to four four four nine nine nine that's the letters KBC isn't kids beach club two four four four nine nine nine there in two hundred DFW schools stop saying god was taken out of the schools and start helping put it back in. text K. B. C. two four four four nine nine nine. so hello more debate. download from that first hour I watched. and eighty eight now we get in the D. as I mentioned in the last segment the first hour towards the end they had black incarceration rate so high supposedly that talk about is. and it yet Cory Booker talking about he said the people from my community and it's like. Cory Booker. I don't I don't know a lot about him but what little I do know is my understanding is he grew up in a wealthy privileged family. and it's amazing to hear him talk about his community which one the one the community of all wealthy people that goes to Ivy League schools because that's not me and I'm not black but it's like that I don't I can't relate to that. you know I got my my dad was a cop my mom was a nurse. I went to a up a state school beat Bob one of the least prestigious of the four major flagship universities in my state. if you want to like them to go to Harvard I mean I don't know what that's like was that like what's it like to go to two hundred and fifty year or whatever it is eight old institution the first of the university we ever had in America. that is and Lee university I I I don't know but that's his community right on like we just so we leave this the way he came across two hello I said he talks he doesn't even he talks like he is a. he talks like an elitist. no I'm saying like is it is even try to Adam to eat yeah yeah you can't hide what he is which is well off elitist. and come on a log come on a really. her star has faded and it's not going to go back up I think Obama from from everything I've seen over the years earlier on when he was still president like she was the anointed to take over as one of the absolute top stars the Democrat party and she's done very well but she's she's not a we've been hearing this for a couple weeks now she does not have the goods. it's not just that she doesn't have a clear policy and she keeps tripping up in you know not knowing what I response should be or policies are having no policy I'm a very little policies and changing things and she's just not a good candidate but more importantly to to connect with people's I'm watching tonight I'm like she she's just come across as a fake contrived it just doesn't work not at all again clover charm who according to the drudge poll tonight they have a government you know instant poll and there have now been looking at ten ten thousand five hundred people that's pretty good huh. ten thousand five hundred people polled tonight so far Yang is now climbed even higher to thirty nine percent while Biden's so he'll be the next flash in the pan he won't stay in saying they'll be the next flash in the pan workable they go maybe for like a week or two and I'll be done maybe three or four but. Biden is that coming in second at twenty five percent club which are as I said very strong performance tonight nine and a half percent then Elizabeth Warren the nasty woman the culture appropriating fake native American seven percent. when he wrote sounds like tonight that he is very paying was sounds like planning took up vague typing to the all night long and then Hussein roar comes in let's see was Hussein o'rourke one two three four five six to judge and and everybody else okay Castro and Booker way low. and who's the last one there that's it that's funny Kamal is second to the last so there you go looks like my analysis is jiving with what ten and a half ten ten point five out of ten ten thousand plus people have said tonight in the poll and it's a little bit more as a Biden have an old man's stare. where is like how. is used as the question it was really kind of sad and this is Clark his ticker is just a little slow at his age is mentally is is caught up with the more than unfortunately people like Trumper Bernie their their their mental you don't hear Bernie had been criticized in these older. it's not Biden's fault I it's just that he has mind is not as sharp as it it is for others that are older than him. they tell they gig and here we go listen you're in love this line I tweeted it awhile ago which is why you can follow me on Twitter I tweeted it real time. you know why everybody started complimenting beta they'll keep saying one after the other was crazy stupid about fifty minutes five zero minutes into the debating there like your beta was soap I'm so proud of you you handle it so well what you did to the people of the past so you know and one of them said your people. by living singer in your people also your people what what what does that mean you're people. it's pretty interesting at literally three of the major candidates praise the ones actually of chance of winning praise beta for how he handled I'll pass so and you know why they present some much. I'll tell you why because he's not a threat to them. so they wanted to get points for being like a you know bring people together unifying L. being the friendly Democrat that's not attacking each other but it was done because beta was not a threat to anybody anymore he's done. and and then come out like I said whether it whether laughs sounds like he was on the weed or something now. us to show you how little of a threat Beto is he is let me check your food the latest poll yesterday showed him tied for eighth with like one person one percent now he's at one percent and here's another one the candidates who have gotten the most dollar donors. enter Yang came in first thirty three thousand people have given a dollar then Cory Booker seventeen thousand kissed and children she dropped out Marianne Williamson and told to go barred I think she jumped a burning then who we on then Elizabeth then booted judge than Kamal then Biden culture Beto is sixteenth. and sixteen out of twenty one candidates Beto came in with dollar donations. that's how Democrats across this country feel about betas chances now. he's literally gonna sixteen them one dollar plus donations and that's sad. the one dollar donations the small ones it's a.

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