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Okay let's not oh no let's all right jennifer and wayne flip of a coin right i go with wayne let's flip of a coin alex probably below that ramirez ramirez on the food chain on the mammal chain is a protozoan i'll take what i can get and you of course are the apex predator oh yeah i'm probably the i'm probably the eight hundred pound gorilla here as fair to say but then anybody sitting in this seat would be so it doesn't matter you guys ready to do it let's do it let's do it handle on the news jennifer jones lee wayne resnick ame lead story god is being undocumented none frank and these are regulations that were put into place subsequent to the financial debacle of two thousand eight because a lot of that was what the banks fault the banks were loaning money to people that had no business borrowing money and it was a house of cards and the banks were just as culpable well now so very strict rules went into place and the bankers and a lot of business people were arguing well and i'm going to talk more about this coming up at would where we had to do this eight o'clock yeah there's a whole world to this but the bottom line is the very heavy restrictions which a lot of people wanted subsequent to the great recession is that's being pulled back well because there's a lot of red tape people when it went too far and i have a great story that i wanna share at eight o'clock a story dealing directly with this and this was a phone call i got from on handel on the law and it is a lot of fun and i'll do that at eight o'clock he's tease tease well president trump now says there is a substantial chance that whole summit with north korean with kim jong un might not work out for june zone time job from towns with mrs gee whiz wellstone goes the nobel peace prize so the only thing that's left is the nobel prize for being an ahole that one he is still leading contender for who trump kim jong at both either one insert name here and it's here is the.

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