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It is Ten fifty six on. Eight three oh WCC. Oh hammer we can do everything that you are doing. Their sir our phone, number six five one nine eight nine nine two to six and toll free eight six six nine eight nine nine two. To six let's go to Ben. In, Mankato. Hello Ben Yeah l. it's not the Trump's doing. Everything wrong I think he's doing. Everything, right But the the mania, or the Democrats are two deflections they're just trying? To deflect off of their message which is? Nothing because what do they stand for what is? Their goal and twenty eighteen midterms what was. Their, ball on the twenty sixteen elections all Hillary did was talk? About Donald this well this is Donald. Is this is what is. She all about that's what that's what hurt her to. She had no economic plan she had no Middle. East plan would ISIS yet nothing she just wasn't big. Mouth pieces all, she was, she had a big ego and. Cost her the election but I mean you. Know look at what, Trump has done you know. He gave Paul on the arms you gave the Ukraine, the arms to protect themselves. Obama ever did? That whatever Trump is done and. Europe it's dwarfed. Swore over made what's his. Name look, like a tour of Obama what he, did, Obama did, nothing with NATO I mean. Trump put them on the hot seat hey let's go let's cough up the. Money, we're spending billions of dollars in Germany and. You're getting a pipeline from Russia So I think. He's doing everything. Right I mean he falls. Of football, the side of the Iran deal I, mean, a horrible, was that for us why. How do we states benefit from the, Iran deal that's what I wanna know Well we we we we didn't good point. Ben thank you I once again very concise and clear point thank you and we'll take. Your calls after the top of, the? Hour news, this is ceecee oh,.

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