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Called save friends. Twenty nine thousand nine friends officially leaving Netflix on January first this is unfair unacceptable, downright inhumane. Senator the petition hold Knicks accountable. Hashtag Justice for friends. Okay. I just want to say if you had if this happened last week, I would have said you're shit out of luck. But something happened to me at the end of last week that made me renew my faith in petitions because years back I was starting in signing petitions to bring back when if I. What have my favorite shows of all time that only had one season had a star study roster. It was the most underrated show of all time. And last week. It was announced that CW is bringing back. I can't believe it. And it's like that show from obscurity, there was really no demand to bring it back. No sides from you. Besides her me. And I feel like just like Heather McMahon did when she came on the show when she was talking about the most random show designing women because it was like a reality show like older women like designing in Atlanta. She was like it really pioneered something something I would love for it to come back. Not one day later reboot of designing women. It was so crazy manifest destiny. I agree. Ask believe received. So I'm just saying you're petition isn't nothing. Nobody's like the players. Here are just so big like, it's Netflix and Warner Brothers and Rachel, but this isn't even a big ask asking to bring back a show. Right. That was bare Jit budget with with high. A list actors, and it wasn't watched star Kristin channel the other Leslie bid you love her. I love her a leash bitch long legs. Elizabeth log legs. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Okay. Well, here's the thing. Well, now thing here's the thing. The thing is that on the change or petition you can leave comments like reasons why you're passionate about this cause and people are saying like how friends impacts their lives, and it's so funny because they'd be like people who love friends and watch it all the time really watch it the same way. Like, I watch friends as more of a background with what I'm doing work on my computer, and I'm sending you without days times in emails like I'm friends is on in the background feel. Everyone says my dog loves it. I leave it on for my job. I told you field likes friends. It's very calming force. I fall asleep to it. It's like when I when I'm home alone or I'm in a hotel, and I'm alone. And I'm like afraid to be in the dark. I put friends on and just all sleep to it. And like eventually turns off we all watch it the same way, you know. Yeah. So guys, please go to my Instagram Lincoln bio, honestly, I'm only doing it. Because I ended like buzzfeed's gonna write up their friends is gonna take an often like they're gonna use my petition..

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