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At 14 50 Rockville Park. You won't be disappointed. Well, you can visit them online at BMW rockville dot com. I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o p traffic Now the storm team four meteorologist Briana Berman solo partly to mostly sunny skies today in temperatures well above normal in the fifties. Across the map. We'll see. Cloudy conditions overnight is the clouds move back in through early tomorrow morning. Rain on the way for your Sunday overnight lows in the thirties will be in the low forties tomorrow, much cooler with wet weather continuing throughout the day on Sunday, drying out Monday partly cloudy skies for Monday afternoon highs in the mid forties. Mid forties. Mostly sunny on Tuesday. I'm starved him for meteorologist for Universal. Um and right now, taking a look at the temperatures, it is 53 degrees in German town right now, Manassas 45 degrees and we have 51 degrees in Cleveland Park D. C at 12 30. W T o P This'll is w t O p your source for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated. W T O p Never miss a moment telling you t O p s top news is brought to you by van Meter homes. Find a home that's right for you at van Meter Homes, calm Good afternoon. I'm like Morello. Anika Vel is our producer. Coming up. Republicans try to convince one of their own not to challenge Joe Biden's Victor Hotel. Harrington announces its closing at the same time is a planned rally and every ball CBS News Brief 11. Republican senators,.

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