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This report is sponsored by intelligent mobility. Helping you get around slowdowns. We have plenty of those still on ninety five southbound ferry route ninety five in Attleboro about a two mile backup in that spot. Southbound on the expressway cruise down by Nepad circle left hand lanes shut down there then farther south you have a crash being cleared southbound on the expressway right near Adams, east Milton square, ninety three northbound the exit twenty offramp to route ninety east is also shut down for roadwork. Where continues along route three both ways in the Plymouth area along route forty five northbound back by route fifty eight in Wareham downtown Tobin bridge, southbound around city square in Charlestown, watch out for work. They're all Chevy's being detoured off the roadway and onto the lower deck. Route ninety three southbound has a right travel lane closure two right lanes blocked off through the O'Neill tunnel at exit twenty a Embiid Dottie west, and Albany street is also. Shutdown tell AM east and westbound doing some work there and westbound the ramp to route ninety three is shutdown and ninety three northbound watch out for a left lane closure inside the tunnel during some work route one both ways and revere along route forty five in both directions of the area along route three southbound by two thirteen and Methuen. Also watch out for work crews of the mass pike up by route nine in framingham. And east and westbound on the also area and down by the Pru tunnel. Shopping might be crazy outside by Nissan. Intelligent, mobility can help you deal with it inside your car for the east on USA dot com. Nissan intelligent, mobility, can calm you start and stop and heavy traffic. Nissan. Intelligent, mobility. Joe Stapleton WBZ twenty four hour traffic network..

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