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And personal growth for mind body. spirit. I am so excited to be in front of win. Pop again win holes multiple guinness world records or mind over body. Feats that defy explanation so in march two thousand. He set the guinness world record for swimming. The fergus under is he swam almost sixty meters under ice in two thousand seven. He set the world record for fastest half-marathon bath foot on ice to our sixty minutes. Imagine running a marathon barefoot in winter on ice he set world records for longest time indirect full body contact with ice a total of sixteen times and in two thousand seven also climbed to an altitude of seven thousand two hundred meters on mount everest wearing nothing but shorts and shoes so in short wim hof is superhuman a and b win. Hawk is frigging crazy but he is such an amazing soul. Incredible incredible guy. I've gotten to know win over the eurest. His son's then with me a couple of years back. We is like that really cool uncle that everyone in the family really really really adores so when welcome to mind valley thanks for the introduction yet i am bianco i am bianco. Who takes care of you get his wayne sober. Everybody looks around over viewing what is happening. That's me we doing decides. We are doing ground breaking signs all the time all the time. We are showing where there is no speculation about that. We are built to do so much more than the way we are schooled. And that's why vision. We made it a new school gave people teachings of live wherein they meet a greater potential within themselves not in works in feeling in between. That's who we are and so when before we stopped because you are such a breaking ball of energy as soon as we stop you're going to blow people away and we're going to be doing an exciting experiment with you. Guys wind it this experiment with me. It's simple it's how understanding your breath can improve your performance so he made me do pushups and then he made me do something with my breath and i broke my push up record instantly but i would never have guessed that this was even possible where we're going to be doing some experiments with you guys. So i hope you guys in a scenario where you can do push ups with us now. If you can't don't worry it's really short that you're going to hear amazing stuff from other people but first wim spoke at several mine valley events my university and he spoke at an event in jamaica on altered states we filled an entire hot tub with ice and we had three hundred people do an ice immersion and it was incredible. But what i appreciate about women and we want to share a personal story of you before we go on what appreciate about women is despite being a real life superhuman a man with abilities that signs cannot explain witnessed constantly in hop. When we were doing a fest in jamaica translational festival on my mind valley. We have this particular event where we have this reggae band in the spiel and like hundreds of attendees and the idea was that people were going to dance but it started raining and the field got really muddy. We did anticipate the month and people started standing by the side. Not event managers. Were kind of panicking. The night was really gonna suck and then win jumps in the month. He starts like covering himself with mud. His entire body is in mud. He starts dancing in the mud and everyone else who were in beautiful outfits looking all beautiful. Go wow that mud looks really awesome and more and more and more people jumping in the mud and he changed the dynamic of the entire room now later two days later at eight s i was hosting private. vip dinner for the celebrities and other speakers. Who were there for my family and we were in this beautiful beautiful restaurant. Everyone is eating kind of formal people. Have in jackets and whimsy. My children hate an e cadence sexually on his computer down there. I'm going to ask him to come up and everyone else signals the kids. They might greet the kids but then they go back to adult conversation. Wind doesn't leave the kids alone. He starts conversing with hayden. Who my belief was maybe seven years at that time. Next thing you know. Women's on the floor teaching hate and how to do but he's so he gets an iron but all the children of the room are on the floor in the restaurant with wim doing but exercises and that's so touched my heart and it made my kids such a big fan of wimp lawf- every child. That room became a wim hof van. That was really really really special. It's red meat. The person who just doesn't give a fuck about societal convention who just jumps into life and then sets an example for everyone else. So thank you for stepping into swim. Thanks vision and that was a night vision you just gave it and i speech nice speech and you know what since then did child. It needs to come back into people. The spunk to hannity not having fair but the urge to explore the world inhibited. We have to get it back and you know what we now are doing. The research with the top research on their dna in the world so we are going to show it devotees not only nice a lovable and mellow yellow. And all no we are changing the world we are going to show the new paradigm and all based insides. This is the school of life. We go by instinct. We will not be blocked of frozen by deregulations of whatever they do this system. That's why you have come along and you make it mind valley beautiful dancing colors expression love sharing extravagance and more and more with a deep undercurrent of seriousness. That is live all about so you go from that. I go i go from this angle. We both need in the deep. We have no fair. We have loved powerful law first question for you in the hour that we have how you discover these abilities within. How did you discover this is seeker. Becomes a finder..

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