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And Donovan McNabb are beefing again. Let's listen to Donovan McNabb and T O Z Beef. Take another turn. Around the city as we get a episode of untold stories here is T O when we have big name on here. I didn't know 15 years later that you guys and I reconciled. No, I've tried. He's phony. I tried to be cordial with situation. I thought we have squashed it. But then you guys didn't interview and then all this surface resurfaces again. Just listen to some of the comments and statements about I pretty much run the opportunity to run it back leading up to the Super Bowl. All the questions within the media they were getting. Round. Was I going to make it back for him to be rid of the quarterback? The face of the franchise? I felt like he could have answered those questions. I guess for whatever reason, the statement of or he didn't need me to win the Super Bowl or play in the Super Bowl. I felt that was a slight. Why would somebody lie? There are teammates that said he threw up in the huddle. Personally, I didn't see it, but there are guys and I know that our teammates that I've talked to recently You said that they saw him throw up in the hotel. I've talked to teammates since then, and know for fact that he was out the night before he was out the night before. Yeah, he was out the night before before the biggest game pretty much of all of our careers. There's people that saw him out the night before, said he was drinking, and I think that attributed to him throwing up in the huddle. He's obviously had a history of condition problems. So for me, you know, knowing all this information I felt like that was irresponsible. So there is T O Who is calling out McNabb. For going out drinking the night before the Super Bowl. That is a big people. That is a freaking big meatball to put out there. And It's a really If that is true, that is one of the most damning things you could say about a player, let alone a quarterback in NFL history. That the night before the biggest game of their lives, the quarterback would be out drinking and be hung over for a football game of that magnitude. That is an enormous black mark on a resume and a career. And I don't think you could be willy nilly about that. I don't think that that is the type of suggestion you just pop up on bleacher report. Untold stories. This is why Terrell Owens. Is such a complicated figure in NFL history. Have young cats that come at me. On Twitter that say to go was the best wide receiver ever. Randy Moss was the best wide receiver ever. Theo should have never been stiffed out of the Hall of Fame the first couple of years. And I say Kids. Sit down. Watch Jerry Rice highlights. Get back to me. Jerry Rice is the goat. He is the greatest wide receiver ever and perhaps the greatest football player ever and was not a compiler. Jerry Rice was as dominant As Randy Moss or T O were on their best days on his best days. You may just remember Jerry Rice for the end of his career with the Raiders, or Ah, year with the Seahawks. Jerry Rice in 1987 set the record for most touchdowns in a season by an NFL player in a strike shortened year. Jerry Rice is still the only man to have more than 200 receiving yards in a Super Bowl. He was at his peak. Absolutely unstoppable the same way Randy Moss and T O were He was unstoppable. And in his prime unguardable. Now he would make the spectacular look routine while T O and Randy Moss made the spectacular look spectacular. T. Oh, absolutely belong to the Hall of Fame. But T O also was a destructive force within locker rooms and this type of example. Illuminates how and why. I obviously don't know. If Donovan McNabb was drinking the night before Super Bowl, you would think that that type of thing comes out..

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