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In he and his team out there at like, a do some amazing work because they take these little puppets these characters that you'll see in this movie, and I had a chance to see this person when I went to the studio couple years ago, so he Jacqueline places explorers. That galvanic is pleased linked character Zoe sell donnas in this movie, or at least the voice, and they they moved these puppets ever so slightly, and they take a picture, then they move them again ever so slightly, and there are some times where during the course of a week of work. They get four point three seconds. Four point three seconds of finished product. And I think that's amazing. So that's kind of cool, and it's an amazing art form. And I think you'll see things artistically in this movie that are quite dazzling. But is it a good film? What was your take? I kind of really dug the stomach kind of a departure for like a like this always been a little darker with their animated work. And this is definitely a lot lighter. Fresher until one sequence later in the film, eight deliver some witty lines. In fact, one of the lines in here was truly one of my favorite lines that I laughed harder than anything. I've laughed at in films probably for four or five years. And of course, I didn't have a pen and write it down. And I've searched the internet and scoured and tried to find it. But at the scene at the end where basically somebody says to the effect of hey, stop them. They're leaving. We didn't want them here. But we want them back. You know? And it's it's just the way it is uttered the way it said when you see it in the movie, you laugh as hard as I did I kind of Doug what happened here was it. Perfect. No. But I know it just sitting in seeing it with my daughter when she finished a movie and goes tent, this is really cool stop motion animation. And I'm like, this is my daughter. I love it. She's my daughter. Well, you know, here's here's one criticism that I really liked this movie, and I'm a fan of this studio, and I loved paranormal impair Norman was my favorite movie. In fact, just you know, this because I joke about it a lot, but I had a little nugget that was on the DVD and the the ad for that movie back then because I truly really liking. Chris Butler was a guy who is the co director on paranormal. I think one of the problems for like a coupon the two strings, which was a little darker. They came out Oscar-nominated they haven't had that broad mass appeal, and they have not made any money with their pictures. Now that might not be important. But the criticism I would have of this one is that your daughter's a little older than mine. I don't think for younger kids, and this is just something important for parents to know, it's not a movie for younger kids. I don't think they're going to get it or be as interested. Now, my daughter sat through it. Okay. But I just want to put that out there. There's nothing wrong with people. And this is the frustrating thing to me, if you're an adult, and you don't have kids and you want to see a good movie like last year, we had Wes Anderson's isle of dogs. Brilliant film. Really good. This is another one of those movies that I think he's four maybe older kids and adults. It is a worthwhile movie. I'm going to give it a B. It did not blow me away. I think that I'm still waiting for like at a maybe explode with that big movie that might be, you know, the lock for the Oscar, but this is certainly a worthwhile film. Yeah. It's a solid B for me too. I'm glad to see them work with people like Hugh, Jackman ANZAC help and is a kind of gives them that name recognition that some of the other comes may have kind of floundered a little bit on when it comes to the mass appeal of of people, well one thing I would look at there's a woman named ever cookies the costumes on I met her at like a couple of years ago, and Deborah cook and the rest of the production team guy named Nelson Lowry all these things that you see on Hugh Jackson's character. Like, if you see a jacket, or if you see pants or shoes or they're holding a knife, or they're all real. So these are little tiny props that they put clothes on these characters before they pose them in. It's really quite amazing. So the detail that goes into this work is quite stunning. And they Travis night is the guy who runs the studio. He's the son of Phil Knight who started up that little shoe company called nine Travis also jumped off of the stop motion animation world to direct Bumblebee because he directed Kubo. Got a lot of attention for that Oscar-nominated movie. He went on to make a lot of money with Bumblebee. So we'll see what happens next for for Leica..

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