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And and i gotta turn them like like talking about meany like came up on me give me the taylor tape because he he he was probably not like a munster but he was tall you know he was probably six to obviously i'm not a big guy but he came right up on me and like i hit him with like a body lock and outside escalated like dad just from him offending oh yeah like me i was always kind of one of those guys if if someone came up at me i'm swinging i and i'm going to get the party started so so he came up on me and soon as you did i body lock in like hit him with an outside trip and i raised up i landed in mount on this guy postured up and i hit him with a huge elbow and well i hit him with to the second one gave him like that that were seized up kind of like winding journey to yeah can like yeah when tank tank hit him like she's double school pull there yeah so it was like that and then the dues girlfriends like freaking out and i jumped up and i actually went to jail for once i treat fight so i jumped up front door because it was down by the front door to go on the strip so i sprinted out there in the white suit and was flying down the strip run into this white suit.

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