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Deal with Vanessa. And the brief stint he played against Costa Rica that he was a tremendous in the limited time we got him to see him, but he's really expanded his game. I thought he struggled in the goal cup. I thought he was one of the big players. We had hopes for big hopes for and he struggled. While he's putting some of those doubts to RAS, he's getting to be a better player on and off the ball. Both sides of the ball and venetia. And I think it's a player that gives you a little versatility. Yeah? He's not that ball winner 'cause part of me thinks he's gonna go with Kellen o'clock instrument. He likes that physicality. He likes the athleticism and the defensive effort that Kalani Costa gives you. But if you really want to add another element of buildup of play, creativity, even set pieces. I think John Lucas is your man and I would go with luzio. Okay, so you mentioned boozy oh, you mentioned Kellen Acosta. You haven't mentioned two names in which we know are options for Greg berhalter, but also we know will upset some U.S. men's national team. Sebastian legit, Christian rolled on. What are the odds that you think we see either of those two guys either as a starter or as a sub in Jamaica? Pretty high. Yeah, I think rolled down as a sub absolutely. You're going to see him Greg berhalter enjoys what he gets out of a busy roll down and roll down to his credit. He creates things. He may not get on the score sheet with the goal or an assist, but he's always one of those guys that presses the right moment creates things for his teammates. He's a very good teammate, which is very hard to find at any level. He's one of those guys that Gregor halter knows what he gets from him and Sebastian legit. He just seems to be one of the confidants of Greg ber haltern. I know he's at his up and downs, but Sebastian legit at his peak at his best U.S. misogyny is a very capable player. I just don't think he's in a very good moment right now. Short answer here. We know we're going to see at least two changes because they're forced. We know he's not going to start scallion so you're not going to get that change which is one that you want to see. You did just beat Mexico to nothing like, don't you have to reward the other 9 guys by keeping them in the lineup, especially without the need for rotations. I would almost assume that you can't really make changes here. I wouldn't make try to you hit it out of the park when you said. This is a two game window. You don't treat it like a three game win, and you think you have to make these changes. So why did you want to put scallion for yedlin? Because I want to get him that experience. I think this is when you get his feet wet. We talked about it in the pre game show in the post show about how Joe scally should have been brought in last window. Well, if you're already late to that, and you think sergino dest might not be durable, you think there will be a chance for Joe scally at the right back or left back position because he's played both with glide back. You bring him in, you get him acclimated and you get him going. This can no longer be an excuse about this experience in Concacaf. When it comes to Christian Pulisic, the term judgment call was used her. Your judgment, if you're the manager, do you start Christian politic in Jamaica? Well, this changes with the Mexico win. You have the luxury of having that. When you don't need to stress out and think Christian political has to be your go to guy and also Greg for halter has already tipped his hand. He said that the field.

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