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How doers Get More done, Joe. Something profound will happen here tonight, either. The Canadians will show us something they haven't shown us yet in this series, or the Lightning will go back to back, Jack. Well, I think you know, let's start with Montreal. Um, the thing about Montreal is, I just think that they have to score first to win, not because of what the statistics say. Montreal is a team more so than any other team. I think I've seen in a long time that when they score first, they are a different team, their level of play their their comfort zone. They just go into this mode where they look like a different team. And so when they don't they look like a team in panic that can't come back when they're behind. So they just they just Play a different system have a different attitude, and that's when they're at their most comfortable error. So I think for them, they have to score first. The other thing is this. You know they're going to need carry price to obviously play better than what he's played in this series. His numbers are awful in the series, but To coincide with that. It's a team that better stop making all the egregious mistakes that they're making a way. They're giving up the puck in the turnovers and whatnot the way they're defending. So they have to do a better job of helping him out. And then I think they need an unsung hero. They need somebody to step up and score a goal that maybe you don't expect. You know, you look at Tampa Bay, right? And they've had Goals from Eric Turn AC. He's unexpected to score, but he scores a big goal in game number one Tyler Johnson 1/4 liner has even though he's more of a novel, but he's 1/4 liner. He scores two goals last game about John Rueda, who expects him to score but you know what? He scores a big goal in Game number three. So for Montreal, I mean, you've got a list of players, some of them we talked about. Tyler Toffoli who doesn't have a point. But how about Brendan Gallagher hasn't scored. Paul Byron Not doesn't have a point. Evans hasn't played a lot of oil are MIA doesn't have a point. These are players at That have been contributing along the way in different games, But they haven't yet in the series and maybe even stroke. Kolkata feel the 20 year old into that into that mix as well. So I think they need somebody forest. Tampa Bay is concerned. I mean, if they keep their defense as active as they've been both defensively, and.

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