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Ten eastern to start at the rugby game that they're going to have on CBS sports network. I was actually surprised borderline disappointed last week in the first half sewed of the final season of game of thrones. Not that it wasn't a good episode. Really good episode. But what was and no one ever came out, one of the creators directors writers. But again, like NFL inside is like you take Adam chapter what he says people that are supposed to know said that because they're only having a seven episode last season that the episodes are going to be like their own miniature movies that it's going to be so intense that they they're they're not short changing you in its final season. It's just going to be kept to seven episodes. So that they're all going to go a little bit. Look fifty four minutes done a regular any of the previous seasons. Every once in a while finale of a given season might go and our eight minutes or something like that fifty four minutes fifty six maybe over and done with. So you didn't get the added value that first episodes. We'll see what happens tonight episode number two of the final season, which kinda got caught between a rock and a hard. Today again, Jodi McKay on CBS sports radio and get you guys up will run George give me for going off by the for just a second is getting ready to get out of my house. This morning got up my coffee, get ready to roll. And I was debating on how it's going to get the work today. I can go one of two ways either I can drive or I can take mass transit. And when I take mass transit getting out of here. Get out and two hours and seventeen minutes. If I take my I got walked to the path train, and then the path runs unscheduled it runs and take it over to jersey to Newark. And then I get a New Jersey transit train and take that from north jersey down, south jersey. And then I gotta drive home thereafter. If everything runs on schedule from the time, I get off the air until the time I walk in my door somewhere between two and a half hours to forty five usually closer to forty five then to thirty if I'm good time. Kate everything step on the train tried there. Get off trains air within five minutes. Cope can do it in two and a half. But usually to forty five which get me on fifty minutes before getting thrown starts. Let me relax. Take my coat off to down. Maybe get by teed won't be ready to watch TV at the top of the hour. If I drive there's no massive traffic. I make about an hour and twenty five minutes 'cause I just tried faster than a subway last train can go. And then I got no worries about missing the start of the show. So I was gonna drive today because I didn't want to risk not being home on time. But I got a real good book that I'm reading and when you're on the train or the subway, aka. The Pat you do all the reading that you wind because you relax, you set down you grab spot. Boom. You don't worry about it driving. It's kind of tough to tip from you, buddy. Jodi, MAC, don't read and drive. Okay. That's a bad combo. You should not read and drive at the same time. So just because I have this book that I'd started yesterday wanted to continue reading I said, let me take after eight damn Ukraine's better be work. Pat engineers out there. New Jersey transit. You bet that train on time. I don't wanna miss the beginning of thrones tonight. Eight five five two unto four two two seven we'll from Alabama. Thanks for your patience as well. Hey, Jodie happy Easter brother, how do you? But. So topic in the last hour about NHL playoffs NBA playoff kind of weird sports fan for down here, Mexico and into sports broadcasting, but I'm a forty Niners and has they sharks they represent the bay area, and bam, and I'll tell you the NHL playoffs are definitely better than NBA. I got three reasons. Number one. They lay whitening come out this year with what most points in in NHL, right? The most wins. Yes. Okay. So you know for basketball fans, Adele, ROY fall with hockey. That's like a couple of years ago. The warriors seventy three games and getting swept by the eight seat. You never see that in the NBA. So there you go upset if you like them. There's one reason watching H L to it's a crazy sport. Man. I mean, for God's sakes skating swords out there, you know, at any can fall and cut the jugular, you know, whatever. And then third reason is people say, well, you know, hockey's really intent that guy earlier about, you know, bunch of hard workers all this stuff, you can have her hard work and hockey teams. But you could also have beautiful hockey teams that play basketball is, you know, with the passing in the movement and stuff. So you really can't have you know, your reasoning there. So I just wanted to get those three reasons out there as well. I think everybody should be watching NHL playoffs over the NBA player. I got nothing. I got no problems with upset. Tampa. Shame on you. You had this phenomenal regular season. And then you went to delay today. That's supposed to be the NHL fall to the sports fault. No. It's the team's fault. Maybe they came in with not enough of an age. Maybe they came in thinking that they were going to just cake walk in the first round looking ahead to face in someone else in upcoming Eastern Conference mad. I don't know why they lost only they know why they lost. But I know that they did lose. And I don't think the sport or that setup or anything else should be blamed other than the team itself. Ron from Tulsa up on CBS sports radio. Hey, ronnie. Hey, Jodie MAC. You be. And good. I got love football. I'm young enough to remember when Notre Dame beat oh, you seven to three that broke. Oh, use forty seven game win streak. Okay. So you've been following college football for a good while now. Good for you, the NBA Bob Cousy what the Celtics. I remember when Bob Pettit which she free throws for the Saint Louis hawks underhanded. So that yeah. I have a question. What did you think about Westbrook's? Triple double amazing just fell a bit short of my favorite player of all time. We'll chamberlain. How would you? It says his individual for arms. I think Russell Westbrook is one of the most talented players not only in the NBA today but to ever play the game as far as physical skills. Go. I've been lucky enough to see Russel Westbrook play a handful maybe slightly more than a handful of PLA games live right down on the floor media guys oftentimes get to sit close to floor and television does not do him Justice with the explosion it. He has with the quickness that he has the ability get off the floor and above the rim in a short period of time as he does he does it like nobody else has ever done it in the history NBA. He's these that physically gifted now, I think from time to time Russia short circuits that he gets his own head out there on the floor. And he just loses track of what's actually transpiring any game and get so caught up in his dominate. Eating a game that he actually can become counterproductive. And that to me is a fall. He's got some traits, and some positives that make them a great. I mean great player, but he's not a perfect player by any stretch city magic. And that's why I think guy like Kevin Durant said now, you know, what I'll move on. Because Russell at times is going to get onto my skin because he plays the game the way that he does. And I'm not saying he's a just utter ball hog. That is a self glorification monger. Because we've tech does any NBA in basically, all sports. I don't think that's I just think he's so Ober competitive and knows what he's capable of doing that at times. He's a tough very tough to coach player that he can go in a huddle in shake his head coach gonna do exactly that. And it goes out there, and Russell let's his mindset and his body takeover, and he doesn't necessarily execute. What the coaches ad in mind. So while I appreciate Russell, Westbrook's talent and skill level. It is above and beyond. Maybe anyone else in the game. Is the reason why he's not the best player in the game? Because there are also shortcomings to wrestle. Russell Westbrook's game joy for Minnesota's up on CBS sports radio. How are you George? Jodi, good good to hear your voice here in Minnesota today. My pleasure. Thanks for checking in what do you got for me today? I just wonder where you are on the Kentucky Derby, we're getting close down. I haven't heard you talk too much about it. I've got some thoughts. I'm looking for looking for somebody other than one of the favorite though. I think it's a really talented field this year some real excited about here's. Here's my thoughts under Dr oh, by the way, I guarantee you between now and the top of the hour here next to three minutes, you're not gonna get pick the Kentucky Derby because I don't have feeling yet. It's not happening. But I will say this over all about where I think the Derby's headed, and what the is gonna look like unconductive derby day going in with a mindset of well, you don't play the Kentucky Derby favorite because this race twenty horses. It's just bad business. You're not gonna get a short price Kentucky Derby favorite because there is no standout. So the favorite is going to go off at. I think five to one would you don't usually get on any given rates any given day, you go to detract favorite punk five one. Your favorites can be five to one or more. So if you do come do all your handicap than make you flag Ray, eliminate orces to thing you do to try and pick a winner, and you pick the favorite don't shy away because he's the favourite because you're still going to get a pretty damn good price on them. So don't throw out the favorite because he the favorite. If you don't think he's the best and there's a horse. If the patient is six to one and you like a horse states, fourteen fifteen one we'll go ahead and take your horse. Don't pick the favorite if it's real close between two that big a difference. Then go ahead go for the value. But if you do believe that the favorite is the best horse don't say, well, no, I gotta take my second best because there's just no value attached. There's going to be value because there's no standout choice. I don't love the favorites. As of right now. I'd love the balance of the field. But I'm not married to roadster Omaha beach who probably going to be that five or six to one favorite has been dealing with a quarter crack injury, but he supposedly. I didn't know about that. Impressed with his his Arkansas derby in the slot supposedly ran within both of his last two races which were vote Lansdowne in Arkansas. So it's not a debilitating injury. But when you have a a crack you take that bad step your race races over. So makes it a little bit more dicey. Back in them in the Kentucky Derby, I really in. And and probably fill in that thing a little bit putty. I am I'm probably going to put more emphasis on the derby workout more this year than I have in previous years. I think they're important. I don't think you can make your decision solely on who looks the best in their last two workouts leading up to the derby, bud because this is such a bound feel because I don't have a hard leaning one way or the other. I liked improbable all year, but he got beaten both of his last two prep races. I still like him by completely off them. But I don't like them as much. As I did coma is a horse to I didn't like when the derby trail started. But was very impressed with the way that he won in the bluegrass, despite the fact that I don't love his stride only does his win. And if he works well leading up to the Kentucky Derby, and I get a video of them any looks like he's done away with little greenness.

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