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It premiered in Harrisburg PA benefited a lot of the local communities community church charities getting ahead cool off. So this was telecast in two parts on Walt Disney's wonderful world of colors on the twelfth. And the nineteenth of November. As one episode was called true son on the episode was called true, sons revenge. So this is kind of like BB Crockett thing. Yeah. But backwards because this came out in nineteen fifty eight, but that was so it was like they put it out as a movie, and then put it on TV, whereas Davy Crockett was the other way around. Got it. They learned. So according to a New York Times news item. Although Disney bought the rights to Conrad Richter's book in June of nineteen fifty three a month after publication. So he liked it right away. He didn't plan to put it into production until nineteen fifty seven and the review also noted that the end of the film was trained from the book, which we will get to a little bit. So it was shot in Tennessee alongs, Tennessee river about twenty miles from Chattanooga. Also, Tennessee was filmed him, I dunno. I skipped over that part. It It was. was. In Sanford, tanto valley, California. And some scenes were shot in. Oh, that's also California. I'm sorry. I don't know. Why thought that was somewhere else? Throw me off. This your. In a review from variety. They ever say the other city, I said, it was also California. Okay. Zuza Zuza as city in Tennessee was Massin gal point, they looked really scary. So. So review from variety said, quote, like most Disney production productions it is pastoral in quality almost fable like in its gentle approach to some basically bitter situations about that Hollywood. Reporter also noted that values of fan mail praising the authenticity have convinced as need that meticulous research has given his studio tremendous prestige in educational circles, and this is a real commercial advantage. I don't know how I feel about that. I can appreciate like the authenticity comment with regards to like costume and possibly like visual on paper on paper. Great. I just I don't know. It's just the stereotypes that get me. But honestly at that time, like those stereotypes were real in those people like really would have said those things maybe not like talking the way, you know. I'm not saying that. But like the white people would have said those things about the native Americans, the native Americans would have said those things about the white people, you know, so like in terms of that like it's probably historically accurate on what people would have said. I just feel like there's a better way to show us that you know, there's got to be like a middle ground to make it not as. What's the word? I'm looking for to make it not as controversial guess or insensitive insensitive. Probably is the word, I'm one. Yes. Jocelyn? Well, it would be interesting to state not to actually have remix made of especially like the films from the fifties. But just to kind of know what like have the story line trade using today's societal norms. Yeah. Well, look like, how would they have made this story in two thousand eighteen yes. Yeah. And just and and you're right. They might like there might have been a better way to portray those different like those differences than what was seen in the fifties. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. All right, somebody on this remake all these movies. In twenty eighteen in eighteen who would we cast and fess Parker's role? I would say Clint Eastwood buddies too old now. James marsden? Has like a he has like a kind of like a decent a decent like commanding voice. I have to Google him. I can't pictures face. He was Prince Edward in enchanted. Oh, I'm gonna go. Yes. Pratt. Pratt is good too. He put a twang. Yeah. Good. Keep his stubble. Yeah. If he wrangled raptors he'd be a great west. For real. All right. So head cannon Chris Pratt. Fess parker. Chris pret-? He's the new Davy Crockett was that'd be sweet. But would be actually I that. Awesome. You heard it here. First. All right. So some book to movie differences, there's quite a few. So the movie expands the role of del hardy who player by fest part, of course, because everybody loves good old fess. So he remains with the Butler family much longer than he actually does in the novel. So in the movie he's like I got to watch over this kid. I gotta make sure that. Uncle wills doesn't kill them..

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