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Barack Obama, White House, President Trump discussed on Pod Save America

Pod Save America
2 years ago

Trump, President And White House discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News

WTOP 24 Hour News
1 hr ago


Hold the red say democrats of that was never going to happen then they should have made that clear that that was not a viable strategic option months ago but that's not what they did right do part of you know we knew this when we had when obama was in the white house has a lot of it is expectations managing the right and democrats at a bad hand from the beginning there is no doubt about that they you have a president who is natural instincts is white nationalism but on some days he is pro immigration and kennett cut a deal with hsd was schumer and that have john kelly uncut the deal for him you have paul ryan who is trying to continue to court the votes of avowed racists like steve king and you have mitch mcconnell who for all of his in numerous flaws can't hold his people pretty well and there was a tough deal yeah but the thing is we don't know whether it would have worked or not because they quit too soon and if you ramp everyone up to fight and then you wave the white flag of surrender before breakfast on saturday and open it up again before lunchtime on monday and that's not enough to know and that that is a mistake because what you end up in this sweet spot of you have made no one happy you've angered both sides and then that that had to stay now having said that i'd say three things one the consequences of that or not as cataclysmic as people would say no one's going to remember this in uh in november apart his who his so brief that if you went for a walk you could have missed it uh to the spin from some democrats by how this was a win overstates the case but it is true that taking chip off the table is helpful and getting sick cheerful funding for chip is degrading that we absent daca we would a if that if if dhaka was on the table that would have been seen as a real progressive a win for democrats and the third thing is is we.