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Halbreich. And i'm as managing editor for print and digital content and publications. Doubt at the end of this table. Is i'm christina of the museum programs representative here and relegated to the kids table all by himself in the corner. Tom sharpen tier government relations director. Go i don't know if it's the kids table. If i just rate my own table you know that could be yeah. It may actually be slightly higher than the other table. Yeah and it does force us to look up to you. Know so interesting Departure of an episode. Today guys. we're gonna do Rather than having an external guest join us we're going to rely on Our own experiences of three of us around the table. And of course the the silent powerful christina behind the mixing board. We're going to do a virtual tour of the venture grounds and see See if we can offer whether that's a quick description a story or two or insider tips give people an overview of all the convention grounds As raw getting ready right now the world to converge on oshkosh. I can't wait it actually. It just feels right. Doesn't it that this is happening. You felt kind of weird with anything not happening ice year. Oh my gosh. Yeah it's this is one of the biggest strides back to normal. And and here's hoping that all those days of confusion and fear and uncertainty. Those are behind us. Yeah the one thing. I did not miss last year. Was all the stress of getting ready. Fair venture As we record this were seventeen days out and we're all Freaking out a little bit but once the curtain actually goes up and we and and We're we're all off and running with adventure. That's usually the fun part. So it's one of the jokes inside the building is how can we possibly feel behind on anything when we've had two years to prepare for this heritage. We've had more time than any staffers in history. To since one thousand nine hundred.

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