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In atlanta and it's a matchup that could provide us with a first espn's coley harvey with our clementi wondering jimbo said to you about trying to become the first saving insisted to beat him in a game given he was really try not to go too far down that road and that's what you'd expect the coach to do a before taking on a coach that he used to coach under but also before big game like this are not trying to upstage the other side ethics say is is something that is important the jimbo because this is a a coach in nick saving who he did look up to their what he was at ellis you back in two thousand three when they had that staff with so many other now current cake coaches in college football is is a staff were they used to joke about west virginia the native state to both jimbo fisher and next saving they used a joke about places that is jimbo heated said to be are you've been on the map the places that they hole about and assistance in other assistance in that room other lsu assistance would always look at them and say we got to get back to football we don't care who you guys are talking about so he certainly would like to to beat his friend but but he's not try to necessarily say that on camera right now because uh because again this is something that he respects those look up to but with does believe that his team is is capable of getting past this first hurdle as it tries to to move towards the play off later this year yeah could be the first to meetings between them you never know first of two in atlanta dare i say before i let you go what's coaching staff saying about what they expect from super freshman can acres at the running back position this year yeah i mean this is a guy who can pretty much do it all and i think.

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