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Special school sometimes means watching brown on TV but for us it means what are all the scams and fraud in crimes that happen on campus involving higher education and low down fraud yeah so what we do is we exchange a lot of stories in we try to I think one up each other on finding the best scams and schemes that people are victimized too and so what we hope to do is Shearson's games with you would hopefully you give me some tips on how to protect yourself from from after being a victim so what did you find this week Mr crest Dr Christy let's see well there is one that we both known people that have fallen for this and that's the secret shopper scam yeah guys this one's a good one and so. into a lot of people but it's happening most to students to college students it seems that the fraudsters are targeting college students because let's let's face it college students they need some extra cash for you know whatever they're going to do on the weekends and things like that TV cash for books and pencils and beer and well I now yeah books and pencils yeah that's right up and plus one is some of the experts feel that college students are not as aware of checks they all those those pieces of paper that read used to fill out and send money around with you know that maybe maybe not you young Kelly but I certainly grew up writing checks I love how I looked very youthful yeah a little bit older than you think okay. college students really aren't aware and this is a perfect scam for them to be victimized what they think about what what their bottom line it's it's a lack of awareness lack of information because but the last time you wrote a check it do they even know what a check book eat what I actually ask my students you know how many of them have checking accounts well just about all of them have checking accounts that's what they're called checking accounts but. when you know how often do you know I ask you have you how many of you have written a check in last week how many of you have touched to check every your life well they may have the and that's the problem they may have touched one at one point but they really don't know how checks work and especially the way that checks clear banks or even how to fill one out I remember I took my first accounting class in ninth grade at Jordan high school in Durham North Carolina and we did a practice said in part of that practice at was writing out checks pretending that you were the accounting for this business and writing a check so you pay to the order I've had endorse the check like those are things that we just sort of take for granted that they may not know how to handle right because everything is paid electronically now you get on the web these enter the your password and bloom the money goes flying through the air but you write a check how does that really work they don't really know so the secret shopper scam is perfect for them to be victimized and it the scam works like this usually it starts with an email sent to students and again they seem to be targeting college students just to add a point to any emails are sent annually annually annually this is a trivia question how many emails are sent annually take a guess we'll take a guess a hundred billion. a hundred and seven trillion nine hundred and seven trillion emails are sent annual hi miss I miss understood a hundred billion is how many emails I get annual. okay how many emails are sent each day. the hunters those really end of every three years sixty five. an accountant right go two hundred and ninety four billion each day okay so please continue with the shoppers can't sell the the college student gets this email and we we unfortunately had an incident at governors state with one of our students who sadly went to our career center looking for implying for part time job. walked back to their dorm and by the time they got there here's this email they thought it had something to do with applying for the part time job and it's an email that offers them to make quick money easy money no such thing yeah well that's true too well you and I know that go through a secret shopper this strategy or street as secret shopper jobs and this is where our retailers will hire people and this is an actual profession that will secretly go into places and to observe the way the the retail operations is is working see if they're following the procedures McDonald's made this year hence the name secret say shot her make downs that's why McDonald's all kinda looked the same because they send secret shoppers in to report back that they are following up procedures and protocols colonel Harland Sanders used to do it himself he go into a store if they didn't follow he would you know take their the Vic a quick man out of the kitchen but the way it works is the students said Hey we're going to hire you as a secret shopper and we're going to send you some materials and then a couple days later they get a big you know envelope or big box full of materials and in there it will be a check for it let's say two thousand dollars with instructions to take that two thousand dollar check deposited in their checking account and then. go to say a Walmart or some other store buy a gift cards okay totaling up to save fifteen hundred dollars and then once you buy your gift card then you scratch off the back of the gift card dago and reveal a code right and then you are to send the account number and the pin code to the what was what's the number on the gift card with the number of the gift card you send that to the people who are who are your employer supposedly and so then they've got a centrally fifteen hundred dollars in gift codes and you're told that you can keep the remaining five hundred dollars as your payment for your services rendered now what happens two weeks later two weeks later they get notified by their bank all you know that two thousand dollar check you deposited taken aback that check bounced yeah it's bogus there was no such account or whatever and is probably drawn and some bank far off in some small towns who would take two weeks for it to clear in the meantime the bad guys have already spent the fifteen hundred dollars and you know what you've probably already done if your college student you've probably spent the money to send now your account is overdrawn yep and they and plus sold charger a bounced check for you too and you're out two thousand thirty dollars an hour and and you're in a lot of trouble so do you know that ninety percent of all emails is spam and viruses ninety percent. ninety percent yeah that's. well I I think I get about forty percent of women in my various email accounts so anyways site now great scheme it's a great scheme hell on earth on our scheme scheme whiskey road meters game a meter from one to ten that scheme is an eight point five yeah and it and the the the the the the perpetrators are hardly ever ever caught in the end the target always needs money always wants money and is eager to do anything for quake what I'll have all of these are famous last words that I was talking about in class night which which are all I have to do is fill in blank whatever then fill in the blank is it's a problem yeah yeah well it's it's it's it's an end to the college students are the the perfect pigeons for such a thing sure and it was your well you know what's coming up tonight Kelly know what's coming it had tonight at seven o'clock WGN television celebrate twenty five years of Chicago television's number one morning show. watch a live two hour special full of memorable moments and the WGN TV morning news twenty fifth anniversary smashed special and that's tonight at seven o'clock. well you are listening to Kelly pope and bill Kristol and it's true crime WGN radio seven twenty..

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