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Coverage from DC. Here's Scott Slade. These headlines today Trump hits Saudis was sharpest criticism yet over kashogi, fetch detailed new surgeon illegal illegal immigration, and the GOP to help President Trump fill in the blanks on his mystery tax cut idea with President Trump continuing to talk about an October surprise tax cut proposal for the middle class a top Republican in congress said on Tuesday that he would work with the Trump administration in coming weeks to fill in the details of what might be in another tax cut plan. The president's suddenly started talking about this mystery tax cut on Saturday and kept talking about it the last two days while offering up no details. Other than the headline which is a ten percent tax cut for the middle class. Mr. Trump keeps saying the details could be unveiled as soon as next week. But given that no one knows anything about the fine print the details of this plan might depend more on whether. The Republicans keep control of both the house and Senate in November at the latest illegal immigration Jamie Dupree's. Take Justice the president Houston. The illegal immigrant caravan in southern Mexico to blast Democrats over immigration that that's released new numbers which showed apprehensions by the border patrol of substantially both in September. And in the past fiscal year, by the way, the number of participants. In the caravan now somewhere in central Mexico has dropped from seven thousand to around three thousand last night's debate of the race for Georgia. Governor familiar acrimony over personal messy finances and voting this farce about voter suppression is absolutely not true. He raided the offices of organizations to stop them from registering voters. But if you're looking for a major dividing line on it issue between Brian campaign Stacey Abrams, look no further than healthcare. Unfortunately my opponent. Mr. Kemp does not have a plan for healthcare other than saying trust your insurance companies. He has said that he will protect preexisting conditions. However, his his previous records says he's voted against the. Protections and the Trump administration just yesterday approved the kind of innovation waivers that Mr Kim talks about which include allowing shoddy plans back into Georgia. Do not provide comprehensive care I'm the only candidate with a comprehensive proven solution. That is bipartisan and that will cover half a million and allow everyone to have access to the healthcare. They need brooms plan will make your current insurance plan illegal. It will not be allow you to choose your doctor, and she's going to raise your taxes to pay for it. And if you're on, Medicaid or Medicare this should scare you to death because in her book, she wrote that she wanted a single payer government healthcare plan, and she cut Medicaid and Medicare to pay for it. That is gonna also calls your taxes to.

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