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Mindy annapolis. The wrong in Maine WGN me meteorologist, Dustin Bonk this morning. Heavy snowfall continues by late morning. We see some sleet mixed in. And we could see it all turned over to sleep throughout the afternoon. Either way expect dangerous driving conditions low visibility with very gusty wind. You busy reporter to Sean. We Whitlow is in Worcester. Massachusetts were already noticing some icy patches on the road, those are those real slick spots at its mimicking kind of like black ice, but it's snow covered. So you want to definitely take your time. If you plan on being out on the road mass DOT they have more than fourteen hundred crews out clearing the road. Governor Baker also advising drivers to stay indoors. Give plows plenty of room to do. Their job dishes are expected to worsen in New England. Fifteen hundred canceled flights already today, and it is early shutdown day thirty on day twenty nine the offer of what the president calls compromise pattern new proposal for congressional Democrats. Nearly six billion dollars worth of border wall. Nutty wants Mexico was not paying for in exchange for temporary immigration protection for young people brought here illegally as children if we build a powerful and fully designed see-through steel barrier. The crime rate and drug problem would be quickly and greatly reduced some say it could be cut in half. And some say no way, including democratic congressional leaders who remain strongly opposed to funding the wall by any revise name or description. Tom Foty, CBS news, Washington. Women raising voices women's marches in cities like Dallas stress that all voices matter. You don't have to have the strongest boys the most powerful or an organization behind you. You can make a difference. It's called the super blood wolf moon. Total lunar eclipse, it's tonight university of central Florida physics professor Joshua Caldwell. The mood is already a stunning target to begin with. And you get these beautiful gradations in color in this sort of coppery tinge from the earth's atmosphere during a lunar eclipse, so it is definitely a very cool event to observe and to photograph primetime viewing midnights on the east coast nine PM on the west not as flashy as the Oscars now as boozy is the Golden Globes, but the very prestigious producers guild awards last night ear Delors green book wins best picture too sentimental. Civil rights story did well at the globe. This PD a award portends well for the team to get thirsty. CBS news, zoom video conferencing, featuring video and audio clarity with screen sharing. Free. Accounts are available at zoom dot US. That's zoom dot US, zoom video conferencing..

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