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This episode of game scoop is brought to you by row jolt. Come the g._i. Games coupe they were all everyone in the world was very mad that i murdered my brother now. Let me standardly so all right. Everybody good good looks good. Well yeah like that energy. What's up. Everybody welcome dies you and soup. I'm your host daemon hatfield joining this week justin davis. Tom marks scoop and sam cable and we've got a great show for you this week. Ransack about such noteworthy topics as the best appea- games luminous. We're gonna look through the aug ninety five issue of nintendo power which we seven his own bag and it comes with three d. glasses and yes. I know it's september now but i don't wanna wait a whole 'nother year to look through this episode waiting to get to that episode but first nintendo held a very significant direct yesterday yesterday was like an almost three level direct thought with the amount of information in a new games that are in there yeah. It was almost all third party stuff to which was neat. Yeah <hes> recommended that you go to play games on a third party system. That's also they of course give us a big update on <hes> poke. Amman jordan's yield louise three yeah. I guess that's true. Maybe almost paul but they also had a little bit of an update. <hes> animal crossing your horizons didn't really have much new new information. It was just a close. The newest thing in that that trees is will move in the wind is the wind the wind come on. They didn't have specific new features. It was just like here's a new trailer at some new detail and it was a nice trailer. It's very lovely really game looks lovely but they also finally announced that super nintendo games are coming to nintendo switch online today and just a couple hours.

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