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They they just missed it. They missed it and once. You missed that bo. That's pretty much yet. If you're going to continue to insist on malachi black and cody what can you do. As far as a redeeming quality. What can you do to. Maybe if i were to make a suggestion to. Aws in your hell bent on stained the malachi. Black cody rhodes path. What i would suggest is talk with tony. Shivani talk with jim. Ross and see how comfortable they would feel about doing a spy with malachi black in storyline. We know how much the roads family has has meant to shivani and to jr very instrumental. You know in the roads careers and all of that. So you know you know. That cody looks at those guys. As older big brothers father figures to a certain degree. I i don't know if jr you know from a physical standpoint. I i just a little concern. I don't know if he can take a little bump like he used to. You know by shivani. I know shivani can but i think it's gonna take something like that. Where malachi black is doing something to a well renowned and beloved figure amongst the wrestling fans that will get him in that position where he gets that white heat and you could essentially okay now we got it back on cody and you can kind of build from there that i think at this point dust year. If you're gonna continue to gold roads black route that's it that's it otherwise pull them apart. Gone do something else. Different do something else different Let's see what else we got when we got that many more matches laugh. Y'all i think at this point we got maybe one or two matches left here. Let me look here Yes staying darby allen taking on tr nice nice tag.

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