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Big hit without phillips and that's that's probably the question mark on the coaching staff is how joe woods advanced joseph we'll do coordinating this defense after wade phillips had so much success here the last two years his last couple of thoughts everybody talking about the quarterback position and understandably so but number one draft choice skirt goals the rookie out of utah you'll start tonight at left tackle i mean it looks like not going to say it's over but he's got a pretty good job of claiming that spot yeah i think he has all but one but at the same thing with him i mean he can't wef tonight right against well a young and uh floyd lloyd wright who got who can who can bring some heat on the edge and so it'll be a big test for him today he's been good and run blocking assignment from what i understand he spent very good with the exception of you know like most rookies he blows an assignment here and there last thought broncos rookies it's always kind of fund this time of year to to uh to look at how these young guys are are trying to adapt to life in the national football league three rookies that think that have had really good camps thus spot isaiah mckinsey carlos henderson forward rookies de angelo henderson and also brendan langley the cornerback who was pencilled in as the second team quarterback in front of lorenzo dos bright and then demarcus walker to don't forget the second round that's right all of a sudden he's moved from inside defense of lying the outside linebacker as they try to replace shane ray and czech barrett for a couple of weeks so yeah langley moves ahead of dos that was a surprise that was probably the biggest surprise on the depth chart was at langley was secondstring dos was third in that battle for the fourth but isaiah mckenzie i hope the fans i hang in there today and not get a chance to watch all listen to you davis to this rookie he spent exciting so far in camp he will be back on punt return and then later in the game you know maybe midway through the second quarter into the third quarter should see amal lineup and the slot and this guy has some kind of speech gaze big time fast the fit for a draft to a set of.

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