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Lawyers representing more than 20, former Washington football team employees are calling on team owner Dan Snyder Toe let the women speak freely about their experiences with the team. The lawyers have Snyder to fully released their clients from non disclosure agreements so they can talk freely about what they say was a toxic and sexually hostile work environment under Snyder's leadership. The women were already given a limited release so they could cooperate with the NFL investigation and in a separate letter sent today, the lawyers also advise Snider of their intent. Toe final lawsuit over what they say are highly sexualized and exploitative videos of team cheerleaders, which were taken secretly W t. O P has reached out to Snyder's representatives for comment. Will keep you updated if we hear anything new We've got an update tonight on a local professor who was white and Jewish but who now says she's been presenting herself as black G W now, says Jessica Krug will not be teaching classes there this semester. The school's says it's reviewing the situation and developing options for affected. Students on G. W also says it acknowledges the pain This situation has caused for many in the community and recognizes that many students, faculty staff and alumni are hurting. Krug says mental health issues dating back to her childhood made her misrepresent her background. The burial ground of one of the Confederacy is best known leaders is getting a new name. Lexington, Virginia City Council members, including Dennis Ares approved emotion, which will reading Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery as Oak Grove Cemetery, Confederate General Stonewall Jackson owned slaves and fought to defend that right. He was buried in the cemetery not far from the Virginia military Institute more than 150 years ago. Jim Krystle CBS News renaming Virginia's route 29, currently known as Lee Highway, 25. People have been named to a working group to get that job done. They include the Arlington and Double P president, the owners of Lebanese Taverna and land use attorney and the legal counsel for Arlington Democrats who will chair the group. This group starts holding virtual meeting September 16th and running through mid January. You can check it out online. The group has also released a video that explains why it believes Confederate General Robert E. Lee's name. Should be removed from Route 29 in Arlington. Pretty soon, all metro rail stations will be open again. The Vienna and on lowering stations on the Orange Line are reopening Tuesday. They've been shut down all summer for renovations, especially because of their aging platforms that have been replaced Tuesday marks the first time all 91 metro stops will be open since the system started shutting them down in March in response partially to the pandemic. Parents might not be driving is much during this crisis, but some still need car seats to protect their kids. Help is out here for you to get them installed correctly. Maken appointment, We will walk you through the whole process of installing the car seat with Montgomery County's Carseat program, Anthony Ramirez says. On your end, when person will hold the phone showing their partner making adjustments. There's about 20, plus car seat manufacturers. They all function the same, but they have little quirks and little differences. But the technicians know how they all work around here. Number Fire, police and health departments offer car seat help Kristi King W T o PENIS still ahead in MONEY NEWS how many of those displaced during the pandemic are working again? 7 24 get a credit card that gives you what.

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