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And the water but a man is sixty one years old this is a man is a fancy hairdresser one of those fancy places on the Upper East Side and a year ago it went to hospitals having difficulty walking is just some home they said he was dehydrated and blah blah blah and didn't do any tests roll this a pretty reliable straightforward man who said he couldn't walk and the some of the emergency room or one of the super pooper big hospitals and sell them out many thought well they must be right and so I didn't go back for a few more months whether they could barely walk even worse have that time he was almost paralyzed to new went into one of the super pooper big hospitals and they try to do a biopsy and they said well they can't find any cancer and so this item to a nursing home we went to a nursing home for months and we often talk about this going to a nursing home or rehab when you have cancer in my view generally just gives the cancer a chance to grow and that's what happened you got worse and worse and worse and worse and then he came here about our work already a listener like you hello Hey you may want to go see doctor leader men and he came in and I saw him orange the biopsy and we found that he had a lymphoma eating away at his spinal cord and by that time that he saw me was paralyzed in a wheelchair and we started treatment on him to Amanda as per our asis and lymphoma which is a potentially curable disease and we started treatment instances but on treatment is starting to move his legs and there's lots of things to learn if you have something wrong with you in the doctor's tell you Hey it's not this well it's probably time to get a fresh second opinion like he did unfortunately took months and months and months and months to come here to thirteen eighty four Broadway but he did that he went to a hospital firstly went to a nursing home and rehab but none of that helped until we came here you got a biopsy and now for the first time he can move his legs.

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