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That left lane in north county survey twenty at Trinity Boulevard set up construction there that's already starting to slow your back toward Randol mill with KLIF right now traffic on the five slime Monte cook I'm meteorologist Brad Martin today looks mostly cloudy breezy and humid with a few showers and thunderstorms high near eighty four this afternoon when you're sixty five tonight winds out of the south twenty twenty showers and storms overnight as well will be mostly sunny breezy and seventy five tomorrow partly cloudy seventy six on Sunday more rain heavier storms likely on Monday with a high near sixty nine clearing and mild Tuesday I'm KO I am going to be sixty eight degrees in flower mound right now sixty nine in little elm and sixty do you sell stuff online but you're probably still recovering from that crazy holiday shopping season well there's a way to help you make twenty twenty less crazy and more successful it's called shipstation shipstation makes managing and shipping orders a breeze by allowing you to import orders from any sales channel no matter where you're selling shipstation brings all your orders into one simple interface they work with all major carriers including USPS FedEx and UPS allowing you to compare and choose the best shipping solution for you and your customers shipstation offers discounts on shipping rates so you can access the same discounts usually reserved for fortune five hundred companies there's a reason ship station is the number one choice of online sellers stock this year right as shipstation dot com use offer code radio to get a sixty day trial free that's two months free of no hassle stress free shipping visit shipstation dot com click the microphone at the top of the page and type radio that's shipstation dot com offer code radio shipstation make **** happen Hirscher for Hershey specially meets in Plano for Easter we are exclusively offering work with farms I need a spiral hams along with our Texas race leg of lamb chop made smoked impression basa as well as the four greats of referrals if.

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