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My daughter to be shying from the Bank and to be dead and slumped and die in front of me. Because I watched her eyes rolling the back of her head and pray. Nobody has ever experienced. Paulie? We are. We're angered there's nothing that's going to bring our daughter back. And there's there's there's nothing that we want more than Justice syrup. Sorry. You had to deal with them. Oh. And I'm sorry to sister sitting next door. Thank you for praying that nobody else ever has to go through that. But I'm sorry that you did. I hope you find some sort of solace in the fact that the community was so outraged by the loss of your daughter that the city of Phoenix and the community at large rallied around your daughter to find the killer. Yeah. You know, we heard from Phoenix police this morning. And the thing that jumped out to me most Bruce ways, whether it was mayor Gaito, whether it was chief Williams, whether it was sergeant Lewis, they all just said it was the community came forward with tips either on silent witness to Phoenix PD the residents who gave over the surveillance video outside of their home that allowed police to find out the make the model of the. A truck. Sketching suspect and somebody somebody knew something when we talked to Colonel Frank Milstar director of DPS moments after that news conference. Here's a little what he had to say about all that the community step forward and help them solve this case. Very expeditiously. We so often count on the is in ears of our community to help us through these problems. And somebody obviously knew who this young man was they knew the vehicle something popped out, and obviously because of the nature of the crime when you leave a ballistic evidence behind they included the alcohol, tobacco and firearms in the process. So they either you shell casings or the use the projectiles himself to to do scientific analysis on that. And then when they discovered the weapon of his very easy for them to to linked together. That's Colonel Frank mills said the head of Arizona deep ES talking about in reacting as well he did to law enforcement catching this suspected murderer within a couple of days, which which again, we can be thankful for can. I you. What else reminded me of while we all rightfully understandably. Justifiably are outraged at the idea of a ten year old little girl being murdered sitting in the backseat of mommy, daddy's car. And that people came forward and people brought information people said, you know, I think I recognize that truck or people say, I think it might be this guy. We have a lot of crimes. That maybe don't involve a ten year old girl but involve a thirty five year old guy. And all I would say is the the loss in the tragedies to those families are similar like that that sense of senseless loss, I get that a ten year old girl is unique in that. But think about how the community gets together to get rid of these bad guys to say, this is not somebody. We went in our society. There's a lesson to be learned for a variety of other crimes out there as well and other criminals, and you know, there are lessons to be learned from this senseless house act. Well, you know, I drive from Gilbert every day to sixteenth street in northern where the station is located depending on any given day. Bruce, it's between forty five minutes an hour. And I see a lot on the freeway. I probably do a lot on the freeway. Unintentionally cut somebody off I didn't see them in my mirror, and and I go over and on the horn. And usually I give the hand up like sorry. Sorry. Sorry, kind of thing because it's my bad. I'm not trying to do it on purpose. Trying to be a jerk. But yeah, at the end of the day, I probably was at that sense. And you gotta have patience. I mean, nobody wakes up in the morning thinking, they're not going to make it to the destination. They're going to because they made some stupid boneheaded mistake on the freeway. Like, I'm sure we'll done at some point in time. And then you just did it to the wrong person. Because in this case the guy that was arrested twenty year old Joshua Gonzales has an extensive history of violence with the Phoenix police department now they didn't give us his record. So to speak. Does that like, yeah. You know, what we know this guy that are first time. And if you cut me off or you cut him off, you can have very distinct different outcomes, you never know it may be an accident. But you never know so trying to drive more aware of your surroundings and so on and so forth. But when we talk to Colonel Frank mill set about this because it has happened to all of us when you cut off the wrong person. And you find that you're in jeopardy because they're following you. What do you do? Okay. Now. What first thing I tell you. I think has happened to all of us. We've inadvertently cut somebody off and really irritated somebody. You know, the first thing is just to wave and look at them or say, you know, sorry. But if that doesn't work, and they continue I would say to ignore them change lanes exit the road, you're on find a populated place to go if they continue to follow you. And that's the thing. That's what I've. Done because I been in situations where yeah, I'm supposed to go down like two more exits. And then get off the freeway. I'll do something that I didn't intend to do. Follow me. Okay. And then I'll make. Are they following point? And then okay, good. I'm in the Clare. But if they do continue to follow you if you can drive to the the local police station, if they're close by GPS or call nine one hundred and when we also spoke with Colonel Frank mill said when you call nine one one, and you tell them about your situation, they're going to try to get troopers or the local police department to fixate on your to find you and they'll stay on the phone with you at times when when those officers are getting closer, they may tell you to put on your four ways put on your three blinkers your house flashers so that they can identify you are in the group and they'll look for the license plate. Now, if if it's just aggressive driving, and they can't locate the person, well, we all know how that goes. But if there's been some sort of crime, then, you know, obviously, take it in this place. Somebody brandishes a weapon. Yeah. Somebody waves a gun. That's a crime. You know are. RTD partners over at ABC fifteen have this graphic up on one of their web stories right now, and we have had a total of seven known incidents of road rage. That of a Kurd. And you look at them, and I guess for me in. It's era Zona and I love Arizona. I choose to live here. This is my home. But I also know that a lot of people are armed around here are young. And so when I am driving aggressive are cut somebody off or something happens. I really try not to engage because you just don't know. And frankly, you know, what it's not worth it. It is not worth it. He I do find it interesting. And and there's a pile whole psychology behind this. There is a an entire study that guys with white lab coats have done about what is it that have relatively rational normal human being gets behind the wheel of a car truck as Huby somebody cuts them off, and they turned into the road warrior, my husband, and I actually having a conversation about this last weekend because we were getting on the sixty in the way, people were driving was just crazy. Okay. Stream Lee aggressive. It wasn't like cutting people off, but it was like riding up on someone's bumper going into the next lane zooming past them getting in front of them hopping over another lane, and I'm like, where's the fire and what is going on? And there was a situation turned into the Daytona five hundred somebody was trying to merge on from the sixty and the car gun did. So wouldn't let being a jerk, and I kind of have this theory of people don't want to be beat on the freeway. You're not going to get to the exit. Mourner? You're not gonna win they become so competitive, and it's like, what's the point? And then people like raising they cut you off. And then you you find yourself, you know, behind the same stoplight at Chandler boulevard. And you're going. Farther ahead than you. Just can't be beat. You can't lose, and it becomes a competition will, and I know I can wish for won't work when you drive home today in Friday rush hour, traffic patient, somebody cuts you off somebody doesn't use their blinkers. Somebody races ahead whatever they do. Right. Fitted before you react think about Bill think about a ten year old girl about a dad telling you how he held his daughter in his arms and watched her die for my daughter to.

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