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Best available on Day one and a two and a three, which I think is huge for this team, And it's huge for other teams who are in the same position that the Buffalo Bills are. And then if you take you know the long term versus short term comment by Brandon a step further. You look at the positions on this roster that have players entering the final year of their contracts Jerry Hughes and Mario Addison at the defensive end position and then a cornerback. You got Levi Wallace on a one year deal Terran Johnson in the last year of his rookie contract, so You can very quickly get right back to the perceived need positions of the bills. When you're thinking about that pick at 30 the other thing to Maddie that I found interesting and people People made a lot of this. Someone I can remember who asked the question, but they gave Brandon an opportunity to dismiss the thought of running back at pick 30, and he didn't Shut the door on it. Um At the same time when he said that you know, Moss and Singletary are guys who don't have that home run threat in their skill set people immediately when God, God said it's Oh, easy any TNT TNN because he's a home run threat. But people forgot med breed is on the roster. That guy runs a 438. What the heck is he chopped liver? What's going on? Yeah, Let's not forget about mad Brita. Let's not forget about the opportunities that Kirsten wait and Antonio Williams will have this offseason as we head into training camp is well, but yeah, you're totally right. He did say if there's a really good player available, and he is different than Zach Moss and Devon Singletary, then maybe we'll entertain. That option if it's there, But yeah, let's not forget about the guy who we just added in that Brita. Of course, he didn't have the season. He wanted to have last year with the Miami Dolphins to getting be out by some other running backs who are definitely younger than him. But I love the season that he had with the San Francisco 40 Niners when he popped off like that's the type of running back I want on this Buffalo Bill's team this year, and this coaching staff is known to get the best out of the players, and maybe they can get that type of caliber player out of him this year. I don't imagine him beating out Zach Moss and Evan Singletary to take all of the carries, but I definitely could see the three of them sharing the load and a lot of different ways. When you talk about what our offense could look like. In 2021, But let's let's be real. We're gonna pass the ball more than we're going to run the ball. That's how this offense look last year. That's how it's gonna look this year based on what we have. They do want to run the ball better. But if we're passing it just as good as we did last year. Maybe it's not as big of a concern. Hopefully, they can iron out some of the things on the offensive line. This set of Zach Moss in Devon Singletary, Matt Brita for a little bit more success than last season. Alright, Maddie's It's mock draft season nine point. What are the interesting aspect that you found this week? When, as you know, gets a little closer, we've got a little more rhetoric from all the teams a little few few more press conferences to glean whatever information we can we've had Brandon means. What did that do to the drop mock draft and people's opinion about what the bills will do it, 30. Yes. So we have done nine of these. We have tracked 117. So far, we've got one more coming out next week on Thursday, so the day of the NFL draft, So we're gonna have 10 total Esso out of those 117 that we've tracked. All do kind of little housecleaning here for you guys. Um, I tracked 13 in the last crap that got released for nine point. Oh, Out of those 13 5 were corners four where edge rushers. Two were running backs. We had a guard and defensive tackle corners have been the favorite. The last couple of mock drafts that have been released, not draft watches that have been released. So out of the 117 corners lead the pack. Have been mocked to the Buffalo Bills. 30 Times number two is Ed rusher. They've been marked to the Buffalo Bills. 22. Times number three running back 17 Times Number four's offensive tackle at 15 times, and that number five is linebacker at 14 times, So corners and edges as of late have kind of sword. When you're looking at all these mock drafts and what people think the Buffalo bills were will choose. It's more corner and edge rusher heavy than anything right now, Right? And so the guard is the one that I found interesting and I'm trying a scroll through quickly enough. On Buffalo bills that count to see who that was government. Elijah Vera Tucker. Vera Tucker. I'm but he's gonna be long gone. You know, if if it's not gonna be there, there's a Christian bar. More on that list is well, I mean, he may be long gone by the time it gets to 30, but It's interesting because everything I'd love to have him but man, right? You know when the bills have been picking the late teens or mid teens or whatever between 10 and 22. You always knew there was gonna be a really good player. They're a really good player. 30. You kind of you kind of think I Oh, my gosh, It's way back. I don't but they're really does you do stand a chance, So he's gonna be left of getting it right. You really get a chance you get you stand a chance of getting a guy that's like, wow. He's really gonna help us or he's way better than a guy than we thought we were going to get There is that chance in this draft, particularly for a guy like Elijah Vera Tucker? Drops or some of these, some of the other guys like even Greg Newsome from Northwestern. He's one of those top five corners. They I've seen him a number of times dropped to Buffalo..

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