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Sec which is the securities issuance investor protection regular the us both chairman testified before the senate banking committee on the subject of crypto currencies exclusively which is quite radical cryptocurrencies anto kits but i mean it was really a watershed moment i think because we hadn't had we've had hearings that are about bitcoin or that are about to centralization with respect to you know terrorist financing money laundering with respect to innovation in america and small businesses and how can we have more competition because of these things that we've had positive hearings hearings focused on the risks we've never had a hearing that focused wholesale on investor protection issues like commodities regulation securities regulation nor have we had a hearing i think where to chairman of two major agencies testified so that was the senate banking committee about two maybe three weeks ago and i think the house financial services committee so other side of the capitol building the house in the senate bicameral legislation they wanted to have a hearing on this and and not necessarily solicit the same information from the same to agency heads but instead solicit information from the industry and the ecosystem so i was testifying alongside of mike limps who's i think general counsel and chief risk officer for coin base dr brummer from georgetown who's he was the minority witness for the democrats and as a lot of things to say about my adequate disclosures for ico's and he's an academic at georgetown law and an attorney in the space rob rosenbloom who is as many clients who were doing ico's and things like that and then myself as a member of or a director research aucoin center which is for you know hopefully your listeners already know but were like a nonprofit that just wants to do good education and defend the technology as technology we're not defending the interests of coin base or any company were trying to defend the interests of users the rights of people who want to actually use this stuff.

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