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Black and white. Think red. It's 6 15 what he had, Dave Jones. Joe, we know the feeling. Capitals was daily cup in 2018. Head coach pure love you. Yeah, that feeling he lasts what a staley cup in 2006. One year striving for that every year and you fall short, sometimes it almost burns more because you've tasted it once. Oh boy, does it burn? Now, capital's radio voice child Walter and the capitals have been stuck since they won the cup because this team didn't get good enough goaltending last year. That's why they were out in the first round. That's why I've been on the first round for a while now and going back to 2018. Yeah, but now you really get the sense around here going into the opener tonight that this goaltending is as good as it has been since then. And if that's the case, you're in every game. And with Alex Ovechkin on your side, you always got a chance to win. Oh, yeah, and a big reason for capital's optimism in gold, tarzi Kemp, or he just won a Stanley Cup with the Colorado avalanche he's now with the capitals at coach Peter levy. When you bring a player like that into your organization and onto your team, everybody gets excited about that. It all starts out capital, what are we eating against Boston next step? I don't want ovi. Alvarez, the three run Homer wins it for the Astros 8 to 7 over the Mariners. They were twice down by four runs. Yankees get that four one, whatever the guardians, hey, we know Trey Turner, Homer double the 5 three win for the Dodgers of the Padres, Phillies beat the braves 7 to 6. Hey, commander's coach Ron Rivera admitted he fumbled with his quarterback comment. I basically told him that I said some things that were misconstrued. I didn't present it properly. Now talk about inspiration. Ukraine's soccer team shocked our Dennis. That's part of me has a 7 year old boy named Ilya. Traveling with him. Both his parents were killed by missile strikes yesterday, shakhtar a one one tie with Real Madrid in the Champions League. In fact, they were 30 seconds from winning it. Oh, amazing. Dave Johnson, WTO sports. And the top stories we're following for you on WTO, Ukraine's biggest nuclear power plant, which is surrounded by Russian troops has lost all external power needed for vital safety systems. It's the second time in 5 days that's happened. The Montgomery county public school system has released the results of an audit that examined racism and its schools. It found that families of color report incidents of bullying and racial harassment and Spanish speaking families report bias from staff, 126,000 community members responded to a survey used to write this report. The jurors who will decide whether Florida school shooter Nicholas Cruz is sentenced to death or life without parole or expected to begin their deliberations today. Cruz pleaded guilty last year to the murders of 14 students and three staff members at Parkland's marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in 2018. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes at 6 17 here in 2014 now 42 year old Mark Bowser of capitol heights stabbed then 39 year old Tracy womack of southeast D.C., 47 times as she lay in her bed in her apartment killing her. He was arrested the next day, the two had known each other for a few months. In March Bowser was convicted of first degree murder, now 8 years after he took Tracy Wilma's life, Bowser has been sentenced to 37 years in prison if he serves the entire sentence he'll be 79 years old when he's released. It's 6 18. Traffic

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