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Obviously the called the rules are different anyway. But I'll be interested in that pans out Williams have taken made it both teams made big changes haven't they because McLeod and have James qui coming. They've got a new boss. Andrea CDL join them just last week Williams as well. You know, this call was done by Duke and a few other people and they've had a big change as well. It would has gone the chief designer so both teams have had a lot of reshuffling and really it's impossible for us to standard and say how they're going to get on Nitin. None of nobody in this whole or in all of these holes would have predicted what a tough season McLeod him Williams would have had there's no way based on two thousand seventeen there's no way we would have said that they would have had such about you. But they did and none of us ever Cristobal. So we can't predict it. I think it's one of those. Things that we have to manage the expectations. They're not going to get back so Williams and McLaren traditional level in a year. But a good year football would be just a gentle step forward. Things working make them good credible midfield performance, and that's your platform, and they're all really coming for twenty twenty one and the major role changes. Yeah. I think one thing for people understand is. Nowadays with f one the way the contracts will have really complicated. Let's say let's say Andrea Siedle is gone to McLeod. And he says I think we need to. A three or four key people from another team somewhere. But decides to approach them in hire them, they have eighteen months of gardening leave. So that's the unit half gone. Then my damn they join another eighteen months before they can have a really fact on the car, just three seasons gone and things just. People don't just change teams overnight anymore and have an effect anymore. It's just the way this boat is but as twenty twenty one presents that opportunity foot a complete reset. So if McLaren and Williams in twenty nineteen twenty twenty can make small steps and get themselves back into being in cute three regularly and then start knocking on the top six on occasion scoring points. But I clearly that reestablishes them in the midfield to be ready for the twenty twenty one..

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