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In Gardena this is on the one ten south bound at Redondo Beach Boulevard two car crash in the right lane there your drive is bunching up as you approach KFI in the sky helps get you there faster a bright band sunshine mild temps your forecast next I'm sure the house was per let's talk about one of the most important features of a sunny southern California home the patio cover it seems like a simple idea but the first thing you learn about patio covers is you want lots of light but that won't keep the rain out or you keep the rain out now the house is too dark and when it comes to shade your patio cover doesn't move but the sun does and what about materials would needs maintenance plastic is plastic fabric doesn't stop the rain and corrugated metal looks just like grandma as you know the one you couldn't wait to tear down these are the compromises you're facing unless you choose a smart patio cover by smart patio plus the exclusive distributor for what I'm pretty sure is the world's smartest most functional patio cover they look fantastic or we wouldn't be having this conversation and they opened they close they tell they slide they track with the sun and when the weather turns they lock it out experience a patio cover without compromise call smart patio plus at seven one four seven seven one twenty one oh wait that's seven one four seven seven one twenty one away or check them out on the web at smart patio plus dot com use your power to cure and pedal with a purpose it's been for Crohn's and colitis cures grab some friends to join you for this high energy indoor cycling event benefiting the Crohn's and colitis foundation visit spend four dot org to learn more for the past fifteen years I've been sleeping on the sleep number bed they're that good the sleep number bed allows you to adjust on each side of the bad for your ideal firmness comfort level support perfect for couples and that firmness level is your sleep number mine happens to be a hundred now the new suite number three sixty smart bad it does the adjusting for you actually senses how well you sleep during the night in a just and tells you how well you slapped actually makes you sleep even more comfortably which I didn't think was possible discover proven quality sleep save fifty percent on the three sixty limited edition smart bad during the ultimate sleep number of and this ends February twenty third keep in mind this is an extraordinary high in bed at a very reasonable price sweet numbers the official sleeping wellness partner of the NFL thirty two locations in southern California visit sleep number dot com to find a store near you sleep number dot com contractor license ten forty seven seventy one December thirty first the government deadline but this is America and I'm canned good rich kettle air conditioning has secured one point one million dollars so that we can give you twenty two hundred dollars twenty two hundred all air conditioner so you could afford to replace it with a new gatal system that's enough for five hundred air conditioners and even though we're past the deadline these new systems are better in every way and sooner or later you're going to have to get one I'm just giving you a twenty two hundred dollar head start shares in the desert only last about eleven years if your not sure how old your system I'll send out to get a technician for free determine the exact age of your system but no matter what you get twenty two hundred dollars for your old air conditioner when you trade it in on a new five star system Gail GA we TTL twenty two hundred field mice well do you eat T. T. L. do things right it's hard now if you can't get to a vote center over an eleven day period for the presidential primary election than voting by mail is your solution to apply to become a permanent vote by mail border and request a one time vote by mail ballot before the February twenty fifth deadline go to LA vote dot net you're in charge of hiring and indeed has solutions like online skills test which led a candidate show that they're the right hire indeed will also give you the sticky frog which will suddenly lose and stick to the face of.

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