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The company was actually founded with this visit in nineteen fifty was original pacemaker and the founding of the company is based in this device and here we are sixteen years later seem company disrupts this industry over and over again until we go from there they're both the pacemaker and it's something that we're just incredibly prog right so what are some of the things that are being featured at the analyst well there's a lot more than this this is just one too far far business today another area is the spinal cord stimulator as you know feed management is really shoot and one of the things that we can do is use the same stimulation technology that's used for the heart to actually stimulate the spinal cord and through that you can manage bain on a lot of the opiate addiction comes from spinal cord injuries this way to be able to get around that well on some of them yeah selected sort of segment of patients this does do that work it's still again this technology to is fairly early into its deployment amaze being around a decade or so in the in the junie that bear on it's still fairly early and but this device is really small okay of the smallest raise and and then what happens is that the physician actually as a programmer through which you can manage and track the staticky patient their activities and also program does device gotcha and then and then here we have something that's really interesting which is the the diabetes management system now glucose.

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