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And i've done I've moved from there into some identity management. i had a lot of experience. Working with azure I actually owned in my and my previous life. Prior to powell i own the full device strategy and Collaboration space for consulting firm. So had a lot of experience there and working with the People like schools Consulting and helping there as well as working with biotechs in san francisco. Where i spent some of my time in and really had mike. Ruth happen at anything. You know as a solutions engineer. I think it's been great. Because i found that i like challenges especially with a technical feel and look to them. But really just trying to take this huge amount of data and information and technology at everybody's fingertips and figure out how to simplify it. And bring it on where it's seamless and you don't have to have a have to have a certification to be able to destroying your computer on and launch an application and use it. Yeah that's the way it goes. I know that somebody in your field would do with problems and management of risk. Tell us little bit about that. Saw it and while you enjoy that sort of a challenge. Yeah i think. I thought it was coming up. I had a lot of experience in wearing multiple hats and doing a lot of product management. It's know really working as a business analyst. So it's really good to know where you know to see a problem but a lot of times you have to take a step back and listen. We see what other things are driving. And i call them. Threats always more threat than her initially put for yet and you can really find a way to to pull those and see how you can help people not just fix an issue but transformed the way they were and i think if you come with that mentality and we like to call it the beginners mindset. You can really come to understand what people are trying to get to and not. Just look at you know. How can i fix this one thing. But how can we really help you in your next one. Three five years transform create scalable solutions..

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