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Spectral Orleans right? That's right You know so reacting off what you guys say. I think if if I were to say that I think most would agree and say izzy. Look you may think he's the number one candidate or the toughest match but cost just beat them. It's him cost said. Wait a couple months and I'm in however is he's counter that second point you made about. Hey I wanna stay busy. I get it and if he wants to stay busy then. That's the nets holocaust of we'll have to miss out. I would've went to Canada. I would have deferred cannon here before we toward pictorial obviously Before I went down to Romero and then I'd have to look at the Middle East landscape. Manson had a nice run before Cananea. Shut them down and gasoline just fought for the title. I think till you had a nice win but I don't think he needs to knows the middle exactly but I think this is a brilliant move from Sonya something something that's not being brought up is look I. I joined Romero defies all logic as far as what you can do with athletically at that age forty two years old and I know he wants to fight ten more years in and it appears that he can hold up for a lot longer but guys he is forty two years old so is he wants to fight him now because right now. I don't think there's any doubt in anyone's mind that your Romero is is not a threat but who knows down the line a year or two of your Merrill were to go back to title contention right? Pick up a few wins. Like who knows what he's GonNa look then so he wants to fight joy now to let people know. I beat a game. You know who knows how.

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