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Okay. But here's the article that inspired this that inspired this downfall into buying shoes on EBay racked. We love racked racked an article about Christian Lubaton and the Cardi B effect. And if you like what do these two have in common you obviously haven't listened to bodak yellow by Cardi B Cardi B. She was working her way through community college when she was eighteen and started stripping exotic dancing, whatever you wanna call it. I'm going to call it stripping for the sake of simplicity. And she got her first pair of Lou batons as a gift from one of her admires the club since then she has gone on to be she's twenty five. Now, they'll wrong lot of work. Do you wanna go back a couple years? We've got to rethink our entire lives. I know right and start stretching now. So now, she's twenty five and she has an album out. She had she won all of the BT awards. Basically this year, I'm going to enter Jack and say with confidence that Cardi B is the only person in our country that had a good year. He'll they one she's the only human in this country the had a good year. And God bless her continue this September this September. She became the first solo female rapper to hit the top of the billboard hot one hundred chart since Lauren hill in nineteen ninety eight. She's amazing. She's amaze. So her hit song bodak yellow, which you've probably heard on the radio or you've heard people mentioning it. I believe six on this show a couple of weeks ago, but she says these expensive these is red bottoms. These is bloody. Shoes in the song? She's talking about how she doesn't dance anymore. She's a moneymaker. She's got her music game like up top. She has money for Lou batons. She doesn't have to pick which pair. She can get both. Also, she's got a good handbag and she got her teeth fixed. Hecker feel in this. You are totally influenced by the song. Lisa. It's all my running playlist that I'm gonna listen to at the gym after this show, and I'm loving it. I'm loving Cardi B. And according to a recent report from business of fashion and list L I S T searches for Christian Lubaton heels have increased by two hundred seventeen percent since bodak yellow came out as a single. And if you just search Google for red bottoms, you get this like huge spike in search. So. Oh, also, it is reported that she owns ninety pairs of Lou batons. Ooh. Beautiful closet. I admire Cardi B so much right now. The question is why isn't Lubaton working with her Christian Lubaton was called up for the story..

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