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How does that happen and doesn't that sound like a work can start and then and then in the history classes, how did that war start professor? And then they'll go back to this. Well, is really weird because we're too tankers in the Gulf Oman. They were tacked it. We think the Iranian video shows the median navy boat removing an unexploded mine from Japanese tanker. This is so weird. What's going on there? Now back to reading your secretary state. Mike Pompeo claim that Iran was behind the attack based on intelligence assessment, and that's why the president has got the red flag up in regards to Iran. What's going to happen here? A war can start out of this with me, very, very careful and we have to stay on our game. And we got a vote the right people because we're on the right track. And there's a lot of patriotisms a lot of people doing good things and some people are really doing good things even in Washington DC, so, but it is important that we stay on our game. And I know that you will eighteen minutes after seven o'clock seventeen with Joe on the radio. Lieutenant Colonel Robert McGuiness will join us a big news here. If you're just joining us out, got, I got a free and clear on your on colleges report, almost almost clear, my liver functions are almost back to normal. One test was the numbers were right. We're below where they needed to be the other one is coming down significantly. It was very high. And now it's down almost normal about you probably have so much beer in your liver. I mean, actually it's not the BBC everybody seems to think that it's not the beer it was. I've lost. She said I lost twelve pounds. I weighed myself on the scale with seventeen we're going to split the difference in the middle and say, was fifteen pounds that I've lost so far since going to the gym. But a lot of it has to do with the fact that I've been exercising and eating less, not so much the drinking, I have not just, you know, I'm not eating like I'm going to be electric chair every day, which is good. So what listen, congratulations, wouldn't they tell you, they go they go is there a percentage that they give you? They say it's all your all clear. I mean, wouldn't they, you take a blood test? I took a blood test before seeing their colleges. And so they monitor certain numbers, so all of the numbers are, you know, in the green, which is good, except for one, which is still a little elevated, but she's happy with the progress. It was at one twenty five the last time I saw down to about an eighty seven now which is a significant drop in, in three months, four months. So that's good. I would say, that's good news. Come on, man. You went out and he got drunk out of your mind. I didn't get drunk last night. I had a few beers with friends. It was tapped takeover paragon tapping table. But another stop by with a new spiked seltzer. The first New Jersey brewery is starting up with a spiked seltzer. And he said, I'll be in the area. Not so great and, and his national bourbon day in Franks. Very, very happy. Yes. You going for ten to one for. Yeah. A little bit longer. But, you know, well usually when it's summer or when it's warm like this, I stick with clear, liquors, gin and vodka. Yeah. You always have that that that rule can. That's very interesting because it is national bourbon day, I wanna be patriotic, and do my patriotic duty. And I will celebrate the holiday. I don't wanna be Grinch. So go absolutely participate. Eight seven seven nine seven twenty nine. Ninety nine our balance of nature. Phone lines are retired attendant, Colonel, Robert mcginnis. S R, N news military affairs analyst. He's got this great book, future war. We're going to talk about what's happening with these tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman. Very, very scary. Jiffy lines of Mike Gallagher, Ronca clearly on the show and Debbie do hayme the one, the only Gabby hate doing. How you doing today? Got a good weekend plans. Yeah. Well, Father's Day, talking, my dad on Sunday for brunch and everything. Yeah. What are you doing for Father's Day, your kids going to spoil you? Yeah, my mom. God bless it goes. I guess, Joseph, what do you wanna do? We'll do anything you want to do because I had my birthday to on Monday. So I was born today, so month. Look, I'll go wherever you are mom, but I ain't moving, I don't want him. I missed it. Mike told you what I have to do tonight.

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