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Do you have any upcoming Charities that people can be on the lookout for obviously, I know with covid-19 know when is really able to do anything wrong. I'm in person but you know, the Boston Pride is doing anything online or hosting any virtual races because I know the Ray Bourque Foundation my other co-hosts and I am alone read off we both took part in the social distance Dash who are working on possibly putting together in the future to give back yourself and WHL kind of has like the pride has kind of everything on hold right now, but I think that in the season they do a lot of charity events and I just like Community teams and reaching out for them, but I guess in the future like something dead. I don't know. mean, I'm really an advocate for mental health. So I think I'll probably get involved with that and you guys in the loop if there is anything that I am passionate about that I definitely want to get involved in maybe coaching. I've been approached by a few people to start a camp. So that's been on my mind maybe later in the summer but the rinks are currently closed right now so long and we I don't really know about ice time. So that's something I'm definitely interested, but I don't know. I don't know what the future kind of holds. I guess. That's true. I mean with everything going on with everything is kind of on hold but I do like that you potentially are going to look into getting involved or charity getting into mentoring getting into coaching you guys right now, you're listening to Sammy Davis again. I'm from the Boston area grew up right in Pembroke ice hockey female athlete Superstar believe she was actually a co-captain of The Bu Terriers. I don't think you mentioned that but I'm mentioning it now she is going to suck. Play with the Boston Pride. You guys don't know who the Boston Pride are. Make sure you look them up. They are a professional women's ice hockey team. We are so excited to check out some of their games this season guys Beat Boston Pride. And before we wrap up. Do you know what I'd like to have a little bit of fun with our guests. I know we talked all about your background and sports and college and doctorate but we want to get some fun great awesome little tidbits that you probably don't really talk about that often in interviews. If you have like a like funny story that you want to tell us or something interesting that it's happened in a locker room. Now is the time you want to hear you showcase your personality a little bit too. I love to go the beach and stuff when I have time and I love to sit by the pool like sit in the sun. That's just it makes me happy and I was just he's probably going to kill me, but I was.

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