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It's a limit of three of the bay area's news station KCBS we've got a lot of sunshine temperatures sixties to upper eighties later good morning hi Rebecca chorale here's what's happening firefighters made quick work of a smoky fire at the United Airlines maintenance facility at SFO this morning KCBS reporter Tim Ryan has more a couple of hundred maintenance workers quickly evacuated to the parking lot is his fire broke out on the rooftop around seven thirty this morning one United employee not authorized to speak for the company obviously tells me that the fire broke out in a rooftop scrubber the piece of equipment as he describes it to filter the air to EPA standards reports released as a result of the plating process that goes on inside he says mainly the work that takes place below the scrubber involves the plating the electric plating of landing gears for a lot of people are employed here a lot of points get fixed and repaired here this fire was in or on top of building eighty four threw up a lot of smoke early on the San Francisco firefighters with the station based here at the airport quickly were on the scene with their aerial hoses to knock the fire down for a time the parking lot held a couple hundred employees they're back inside now and a spokesman Doug vehicle at SFO tells us that the operations of the terminals and the flights were never affected by this fire ants KCBS is Tim Ryan one of the brothers of the gill right festival shooter says he was giving away possessions in the days leading up to Sunday's attack meantime a search of the shooters Hellman of Allah has turned up new clues that suggest a larger attack may have been planned KCBS is Holly Quan has the story until llegan was living in an apartment in Walker lake housing that neighbors say was usually a temporary rental so they didn't really get to know the tenants according to the chronicle a search of the home turned up a gas mask a bullet proof vest empty ammo boxes in gun lake camouflage backpack and reading material on white supremacy and radical Islam they also sees the computer and hard drives that FBI deputy special agent in charge Craig fair tells KCBS helps pinpoint weakens mindset and intentions is that individual acting alone is the acting at the direction of a domestic terror group in international terror group understanding what has compelled that person that that has legal implications it has investigative implications here where police believe the shooter was acting alone based on surveillance footage from nearby stores that show him shopping in the hours before Sunday's attack that killed three people and injured twelve others only one KCBS meanwhile Santa Clara county officials are increasing security at several large public events including the county fair in the wake of the gill ray shooting case CBS's map Bigler has more on that story there's already been a lot of buzz about the Santa Clara county fair which is adding events and concerts this year just celebrated seventy fifth anniversary now the story is the extra security being added in the wake of the mass shooting at the Gilroy garlic festival supervisor Dave Cortez he tells Casey B. asks the new sheriff's office plan takes into account what happened in Gilroy used to be that you you would have police officers you know internally or sheriff's deputies available case a fist fight broke out or something like that you know it's a New World now and it would go to be aware of the parameter associate all time the fair opens tomorrow meanwhile organizes of next month's centers the jazz festival or working with police to increase security there and the Fremont festival of arts which begins on Saturday has added crash barriers to prevent vehicle attacks as well as surveillance video throughout the venue Matt Bigler KCBS one of two new born babies Sir were found abandoned yesterday afternoon near a dumpster in Fairfield has died the surviving baby is hospitalized no word on the child's current condition the infants are believed to been twins police say a woman who appeared to have just given birth possibly on the sidewalk was found nearby and also hospitalized just ahead on KCBS the fed cuts interest rates by a quarter point its first rate cut in ten years we'll check in with Jason for reaction from Wall Street.

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