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Seventeen hundred families have covered four hundred acres with food gardens and that a lot of the unemployed where recent immigrants who had been farmers Over in central europe other cities picked up the detroit plan to like new york city and Philly there were also school gardens that sprung up during the progressive era. That's eight hundred nine hundred nineteen twenty though though. Yeah they they really got started after the turn of the twentieth century and these these gardening programs for urban kids and these gardens were thought to build strong moral character. Keep kids out of trouble improve. Health care more beautiful and also americanize immigrants In the us when we say victory garden what we typically are referring to what we're thinking of our public and private gardens planted during world war one and world war two some historians specifically pinpoint one businessman in particular charles land up pack reportedly got the idea before the war suggesting it as a way to lessen stress on american food ways after riots broke out in new york due to food shortages yeah nineteen sixteen was a year of crop shortages around the world and And so a lot of a lot of folks again especially in urban areas where hurting once world war one was underway. A pack organized the national war garden though they were not officially affiliated with the us government and the government was not a fan of this impact. Believe that media messaging was the way to accomplish more widespread gardening. He allegedly came up with the idea to call these gardens. Victory gardens himself Yeah and that was as the war was coming to an end They were called war gardens or liberty gardens through through the end of world war. One a war garden sounds so much more intense garden garden of law tomato blight. That's like when it is like. I'm imagining to how neighbors the neighbors comparing their gardens to shade like what you've got grown over there or either i know is popular in some games to garden competitively. So yeah we're garden. Would really we called of that. So these victory gardens went up everywhere. Churches parks playgrounds backyards. As the name suggest they served not only as a way to relieve stress. I put on the food supply but as a way to rev up patriotism and support for the war effort it was a way to make people at home feel like they were doing their parts Soldiers of the soil was a popular phrase and people. They really got into it. Yeah yeah. President woodrow wilson appointed. Herbert hoover to head the us food administration during world war one and this position made him responsible.

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