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And tiger Palo talks on the garden America radio in media network. The American nation. Hello there. It's been been a little wild. It is six minutes after the hour. Back with Brian main, welcome Facebook live. Those people here in San Diego tuning in on AM, twelve forty and the rest of our biz talk radio listeners viewers on Facebook. Thank you so much for being they're happy weekend. We are all back together for the first time in about two or three weeks. Tiger and I last weekend at a live Facebook feed from Mission Hills nursery. John is back after two weeks in Bali where you invaluable where did you go? John was only gone one week, one week John is busy moving. It's a very busy time with the so we're back in the studio for this weekend, and might as well. Get it out there in the open next weekend. We're going to be off again. Because John, you're in Michigan for a wedding next weekend. Right. And you and tiger are celebrating Father's Day. That's right. Yeah. Sorry about that. I would help thanks for meeting that would help so live today this weekend off next Regan. And then back consecutively after that, hey, we've got a YouTube page. Finally, it happened. So go to garden America radio on YouTube in please subscribe, we need as many subscribers as possible. Like, of course, the videos but subscribe, and you can watch everything, I think we've ever done on Facebook live. Just go to garden, Mika radio click videos. Johnny about this. Yeah. It looks like it, you're ready told me my highschool picture was on. It is. It's on the thumbnail. Little picture there, so yeah. Garden America radio radio show that is YouTube. And then subscribe, and let's get things rolling told me bring my sunglasses today. Little Brighton here. Yeah. Well, we had the studio painted all white not my decision but it is white, it's brighter. And it's gonna be fun. So just enjoy what happened while we were gone. What happened I think that summer are awry, it's supposed to be the heat of summer, but it's, you know, things are growing. Yes. They are they during the cold wet weather that we've we've had here in southern California. A lot of the tropicals just kind of sit there and a lot of bedding, plants or summer plants, just kind of sit they don't really grow. But with all the rain we've had and now the sunlight coming out that things are just starting to take off the front, some things in studio. Don't you think the rain has elected you and also John? I mean all the rain we've had things look so good. Yeah. I know that you were working on your computer while I just said that exact right? Well, no, I was actually I was actually. Yes. Yeah. My bad there. But I was actually communicating with our studio coordinator, who is not in this state to make sure we get our guest ready. So every time I turn around and do that. That's what I'm doing. So anyway, all kinds of exciting. Things are happening one of the one of the things that this last week that finally happened that I'm really excited about is that we have pretty much finalized our trip to Europe next year. I can't believe the very and we're going to I think the highlight of the trip is going to be the international Wildflower festival in the Julian Alps and Slovenia. So we're going to be staying in three nights in lake bled. Which is one of your favorite places, obviously, it is you just won't believe it. It's like being in a ferry book, the in the, the town surrounds the lake. And there's an island in the middle of the lake that has a tenth century church. As part of it. And then there was a later church that was built, I think five hundred years later still operating. Service. No. But I think you can go visit and a half century special votes that take you to the to the island. It's really cool. So anyway, that's right. Near where the Wildflower festival is, let's talk about the very quickly. We're gonna do three nights there then we go three nights in Vienna. Which is the capital of Austria. They'll be garden tours and other tourist attractions during the whole time, of course, they'll be music involved, too. Right. Because we're going to be in the area of Mozart, and in beethovenian, and people like that, but then we added this, we didn't think we'd be able to, but we're gonna spend one night and Jesse Krumlov, which is in the Czech Republic in Bohemia, and it's a UNESCO site. And for those that don't know UNESCO is the United Nations is an environmental scientific and cultural. Sites. And they there's international treaties protecting these sites. So that's going to be fine. And then we go to the capital, the Czech Republic Prague and were doing this part of the tour because during our past tours people have said, you know, it really liked to go to Prague someday. Sure, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. That's what I've heard. Yeah. Unbelievable. That's what I've heard. So just one of our best, I I've ever heard of our trips that we've been taking f four star hotels. And so here's the deal gang. You gotta get on the stick and put your reservations in for this again. This is a Taylor. This is not a template, right? And however you can't put your in tell until we get what we're doing now is, we're trying to finalize the hotel, okay? Because. We're only doing four star hotels, and we don't have the, the actual hotels finished yet. And when we come back in two weeks will all be set. But if you want to just see the basic itinerary, if you I've already. Told our good friend Susan who went with us, right? She's already signed up. But I've already emailed her a copy of this, and if you wanna copy realizing that something's could change. But sure you just wanna feeling just send me a note to John guard America dot com now. And this is where we have the website, I would imagine once we nail this day it'll be on the earthbound expedition site. Okay. So there you go. Get ready to sign up for that trip. Again, it's going to be fantastic. I mean, hey, who doesn't enjoy France or Italy? But something like this, this is just a little off the, the main street in terms of vacations. This is something that you you'd think about doing and we're able to do it because of Matthew. Well, I went to the Slovenian Alps with the Bruce and Sharon and their daughter before. And it was. It was long enough ago that they did not have the Wildflower festival at it, not, not started yet. I think it started a year or two after we, we made that trip, but I gotta tell you that just walking through the time of year that we did. And you just see cyclamen growing wild and in Hella bars and, and being up in the mountains in the air in the water is just unbelievable. So it's gonna be fun. We'll see a lot of. Lot of gardens. I this doesn't pertain to me, but maybe the UN tiger were also gonna have wine and beer, tastings. Now, wait a second. How does why not pertain to you? I've been with his taste anymore. Drink it. He turned his it in water. I could drink it. But if it comes out of a boxer dollar glass, doesn't make any difference now. I'm not I'm not a beer guy or a wind guy. But a little lemon shell will go a long way. You know what else? Thank you. There's odd things that we do on our trips that seem to really intrigued you Brian because you always liked to do something a little bit different -solutely. And we're going to go to the Lipizzaner stud farm, I've always wanted to go, there who'd have thought that I've ever ever had this chance. Tell us about this John. You know, the, the famous Lipizzaner horses. Yes. Yeah. He used to do tours around the world. Yeah. Yeah. So, so we get to go. See, we'll get to see how and where they're created. Right. Right. So on the trip can learn about the bridge. Exactly stud farm is included in the tin Inamori, that's going to be happening may of twenty twenty so gosh almighty, let's say rolling June. Well, we leave may thirtieth, okay? We leave the end of may, but it's pretty much first weekend in June. It's eleven days and or eleven nights, right. Eleven twelve days, late night, what's going to be fantastic, looking forward to this one big time? All this stuff that we mentioned is really amazing. To be able to include itinerary, but the thing that also goes along with it that we don't always list on the areas, because they kind of are kind of last minute things and confirmations. Is that? We go into people's homes that invite us into your private gardens. I think you were arrested for that. Exactly. But, you know, I mean that's once in a lifetime opportunity, you know, never when you go to Prague again, will you be able to walk up to someone's door knock on it, and be invited into their home. They're beautiful guard in that. They've been working. Exactly right. And the sit down and have coffee with them and talk about their failures and successes and just the, the, the chatter that garden people have what we all have in common. You know, and that's, that's a real amazing because you mentioned it Brian that, you know, a lot of these tours are not template there read it for and that's been created. We're going to take a break, come back without quarter of the week from John, which is rather long. That might take up the whole segment. Our guest is standing by it's gonna be a good show two hours when I welcome knows here in San Diego listening on am twelve forty biz talk radio Facebook live questions comments. Let's get this done. I'm Brian main cappella FOX, John Bagnasco, eight five five four. Four nine eight thousand five want to give us a call. We're going to step aside ticket break coming right back. Is. Mosquitoes can transmit deadly diseases, including Zeka and West Nile virus? 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