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Improve mexico's ties with the trump administration twelve in their soccer coach who had been missing for nine days in caves in thailand reportedly have been found multiple news reports cite the provincial governor of chiang rai saying they're quote showing signs of life their condition is uncertain three thousand french security forces are on the hunt for notorious criminal who broke out of prison yesterday and was whisked away by helicopter francis justice minister said today several drones were spotted flying over the facility south of paris a few months ago npr's eleanor beardsley while officers searched for the inmate prison officials are also under scrutiny for the security breakdown mutual leave as your french media are a buzz over the breakout wine faida was spirited out of the rayo prison south of paris by armed commandos in a hijacked helicopter that landed in the prison courtyard the recidivist armored truck robbery was serving a twenty five year sentence for killing a police officer in one of his hi fi became famous after writing a book several years ago during one of his probations before he committed murder it told of growing up in the projects and becoming an armed robber fade was being held in solitary confinement but in a part of the prison with no net over the courtyard the french justice minister says mistakes were made eleanor beardsley and pr news paris the dow is down one hundred thirty three points this is npr news from k q e d news i'm brian watt more than a thousand firefighters are battling the county fire burning in yolo napa and lake county it is burn more than forty four thousand acres since smoke into the bay area it's burning ranch land dry grass and oak woodlands and is prompted a series of evacuation orders and advisories cal fire spokesman chris anthony says north winds are fanning the flames and creating dangerous conditions seeing a lot of long range spotting on this particular fire which essentially means there's small embers that are falling out in front of the main front of the fire and starting new fires those wind conditions also pushed the pointy fire which is burning for over a week in lake county to jump a containment line oakland police are preparing for a busy fourth of july especially when it comes to illegal fire works oakland police spokeswoman officer felicia as thorpe says her department is ready to crack down during the fourth of july celebration that apartment we'll be increasing staffing and two point patrol officers to specific areas in the city that have the highest amount of illegal fireworks activity as thorpe says oakland police recently confiscated more than three thousand pounds of illegal fireworks with st resale value more than fifty thousand dollars one person was arrested.

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