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Right now in our own news room with Beth Myers. Beth this house fire in Muskogee had a pretty sad. Very very sad story. Two brothers have died in a house fire. I'm Beth Myers. The NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay. New center. Muskogee assistant fire marshal Scott crow, telling Katie, okay, news, a man and a woman did escape this early morning house fire yesterday, but they're Tucson's did not on the two sons that were in the house they were in the back side of the home on the second floor where I unfortunately could not get out and they both passed. Lost them due to the house fire family members identify the victims as fifteen year old Edgar Cruz and thirty two year old Sergio Alcazar, the father was severely burned in the mother was injured after she jumped out of a second story window, and they were both taken to hospitals. Crow says he believes the fire was accidental but the exact cause is not known yet. The house was a total loss. Senate president pro tem. Greg. Treat has appointed seven Republican state senators to serve on a new pension working group that he says we'll study long-term pension reform also pending legislation that would provide a four percent cost of living adjustment to state retirees. And he wants the working group to report back with recommendations by April, fourth state, attorney general Mike counter will be in Tulsa tomorrow afternoon to announce what he calls a breaking development in the state's opioid lawsuit against the big drug manufacturers earlier today. The state supreme court did reject a request by the drug makers to delay the state's upcoming. Trial in the lawsuit. That accuses them fueling the opioid epidemic. That trial is still scheduled to begin may twenty eight in Cleveland county district court and a very special guest tomorrow at the health sciences center and Oklahoma City, the director of the centers for disease control and prevention, Dr Robert reads, Redfield.

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