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I, I want to able to war and then I'm on the fence. He is. He's your man. I definitely in the middle. Okay. I was not mad watching it. Okay. I think that says a lot about a movie. I was entertained watching it I, I wasn't upset watching the film. I just for some reason there was going to be more tax lien. And yeah, I agree with that. Okay. But there were some really high quality attacks jor for Sherman. There are some grandma brash affects anytime that was a lull. They threw Bridget Burgess acid into the water, and I really respected that. Yeah, I was going to say from just the female main character scenario hit that they're setting up here. She is just. They made her very annoying and like complaining over the top. I think that was unnecessary to make that character. So she was very one dimensional. Yes, this that's actually my biggest complaint about the film. The. I mean, look, I'm a curator to natural history museum. This is supposed to be a curator at a natural history museum in York. Well, there's one really, really, really big, famous naturalist amusement York. That's the American Museum natural history. So more or less, this is like a curator from the American Museum of natural history. In somehow you're taking a paleontologist and you're supposed to suggest that they're not comfortable being in a tent or they're not comfortable area, or they're scared of mosquitoes, and it did. It bothered me that it was this like stereotype of like a woman in the woods because the reality is you take, you know, a female Curators from a major natural history museum, and she is going to be a bad ass in the woods. I would have loved. She's going to be, you know, the person with like the most natural history knowledge about these animals since she's going to be amazing campaign and she's going to be amazing that field work. Yeah, they didn't play up any of that. She could have been. She could have been this like incredibly should have been more like amazing, Oliver, Platt's character. This guy came in randomly into the film without any explanation really. And he's the one that has this tech and he's knowledgeable about the crocodiles, and she's just kind of like, I don't really want to hear damsel in distress and with no credentials. They allow him to sort of do his like, you know, here's the man with the money. We're gonna listen to what he says, whereas you know why not play up the fact that you actually have the scientists, right? Especially really should be like the super knowledgeable per head of the time people around. Absolutely. I would've loved that. And then the other female character who's very small is this like officer woman and she's just wants to have sex with. Yeah, that's it. So I thought that was wake vary. Then the earlier in the earlier woman in their Murska guitar. Her character again, back at the museum and again, like nothing but involved in some way. Try. Behind the scenes. So no one cared. The most frustrating thing about the about this movie is like how harsh toward their female characters. The exception of Betty white. Amazing. Yep. Anyway is good. Good call claims. She killed her husband. We ended up. Did she lies to the cops. That was a lie. She lied to the cops about killing her. She had not actually killed her husband. Yeah, the crocodile in and out a little bit of the totally. Yeah. If you were following intensely, I'd be more. Let's so in fact. The movies, like what eighty five minutes or something. I laughed out loud. It's just long time. Yeah, yeah. It's not. I wouldn't call it a horror movie. It's just a mean, I think if you're into that Jonah of like these weird animal movies, this one. It's a weird animal movie. Yeah, totally. Terms is not true. Not a horror, comedy, how are you trying? Yeah, yeah, Shurmur is is good. It's fun. And this movie was fun too. I'm not trying to crap on it. It was fun. Just a little I, yeah, I little week..

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