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Julio Rivera editorial director of reactionary times contributor Newsmax Washington Times lifeset, townhall, Washington Examiner, the hill, and he's a real conservative. A did have your Julia. It's so exciting to beards. This is literally by I three hours in San Diego. And I'm just very exciting. Very, you know, you were in LA before you came to San Diego, correct? We are way better town. Yes, I could already feed by the lack of human excrement on your downtown LA. Weren't you your and you saw the filth and the the disgrace that is the streets of a major urban city on the west coast. It was it was shocking. Honestly, if the only way that I could describe it. I literally wanted to just go right back to the hotel and take a really hot shower. That's literally what it makes you feel like walking around like like, you're you're trying not to hit a landmine or something. You're looking down. Bumping into all. There's all kinds of nonsense. Now, I want you to understand. There's some ground rules being here in California number one. You can buy dope. You can also get heroin needles. Oh god. You cannot have a straw. No. And you cannot have a single use shopping back. No. You can't. And they they charge you for the San Suu. Yes. Correct. Or you have to bring them in and nobody ever remembers to bring them in. So it's just a scam to make money, but it's because we're saving the environment the heroin needles and the pope that's fine for the environment. Yeah. I think it's I don't know. What it is man. It's insane. And that's and that's see. But this is this is why say all the time. I said on the Newsmax show, I say here, we need to be like that uncle your parents warn you about don't grow up to be like, California. I love California. I'm not leaving California. I'll stay here and fight. But the reality is when you look at the crazy policies of people like Gavin Newsom put in and Jerry Brown put in and you name it have you ever. Sarah's our attorney general he gets help from Eric Holder gets twenty five thousand bucks a month advise on how to sue the Trump administration. It's crazy, man. Yeah. It's the same thing with New Jersey. We elected Phil Murphy. Yup. Now, we're going to dope. Apparently. Now that's going to legalize it. Okay. It's going to mess up there. I mean, it's only a matter of time before we're sanctuary state before handing out heroin needles before we're banning throws. Don't be like us man telling you the good news is in New Jersey gets cold in the winter. So it firms up to stuff that's on the sidewalk. Exactly makes it.

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