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And also iran and maybe even a rock or whatever so flynn was doing a job but brian rice went on ross went on and on got suspended four days ace but but now cnn is done all was exactly the same thing and i'm wondering if there is a template that the mainstream media doesn't care about truth and facts any more what they care about is the destruction of the president that feeds and nicely what's going to happen thereafter tomorrow in alabama with with the senate race down there in which royd more gave i guess is first interview and four or five days to a local alabama tv station in which he called his accusers basically liars as a woman how do you process the efforts of uh some to destroy even al franken i never thought i wherever say this to you megan i have some sympathy for four four the minnesota senator al franken in a sense because he claims these things did not happen he says i'm innocent but then he says i'm collapsing and i watched newt gingrich this morning on this week with george stephanopoulos by the way they contacted me i'm going to be on next sunday with them but nonetheless he he's saying that the lynch mobs are after al franken and of course there after roy more and of course they are after john conyers but they're real goal the lynch mobs goal is to invalidate and destroy the presidency of donald j trump to use the temple it of franklin for franken in the template of of conyers to destroy the president so as a woman due process this thing any differently than i do i'm not really about right right hook at what the lap has been trying to accuse the trump up at not 15 because there are simply not factually true uh first it was russian collusion okay that doesn't work done it was obstruction of justice okay that doesn't have any merit okay let's paint him as a sexual predator like those within the democrat party and worry disagree with you bill is al franken al franken denied some allegations but then in his uh apology which wasn't an apology it with a ten minute filibuster he basically just went on.

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