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Do you think many places really deserve to be more of a third or fourth screen experience, but I am so bloody excited about this in all sincerity. This is a massive step for men in blazers. You can watch with us, talk with us, shout with us, cry with us, as we go about watching live games together. And the thing I love about Twitch is just the immense participatory aspects of it all. In this world, in which football is everywhere sprinkled across every bloody channel and streamer and everything, imagine a future where we are with you, Dave O and roger, no matter what, that's actually dystopian borderline apocalyptic future. But one question Dave, we have been working on this for ages. Why? Yeah. Why and why do we have to start? With el blaze, everything. It wasn't my idea. Can I just tell you that? This was not my idea. I feel like you did the scheduling for this. And maybe it's because you're a sucker for punishment, or maybe it's because you know how good Everton's record has been against Chelsea in el blaze Erika in the men in blazers era. You mean that you've won 7 four. So you've been not good but not unbelievably terrible. This is just yeah self sabotage on a grand roger sector. Actually, I did schedule this, but we schedule that bloody ages ago. And I am dreading it now. I've got to say a Chelsea who let's be kind of concrete and open play. Playing Everton, who are at this point just a footballing make a wish charity. I expect fully and you can play the tape back on this. Thursday evening, we will be 5 mil down by halftime Timo Verna hat trick. Lukaku double. He'll celebrate both goals. And when politic comes on in the 69th minute, that's music and scores. The gold davout and disputable of the season slaloming through the entire Everton team beating mason hole gate, then let mason hulk get up and then beat him again before intentionally smashing the ball in off Jordan Pickford's down below with a rabona. It's gonna be an agony. Mark my words, rod Everton will score against Chelsea. I believe they will score two goals against Chelsea. And Chelsea are going to have to score more than two to beat them. By the way, the way you are watching of the new Chelsea. The way you say it, it sounds so much coma and it scientific a prediction that my just nightmarish feverish upside down just primal scream of acne. I've got to say the worst for me than being smash 5 nil will be if Everton do open the scoring like the Chicago Bears at Lambeau. I know then all of this, all of this has to add like some kind of trap or trick like ewoks able to win the battle of end or feel fleecy joy and then utterly slaughtered. Right, David, that's what will happen with score first and then you'll absolutely with my race hope destroy us. Anything's possible, roger. It's all a simulation. We'll see what our robot overlords have planned for. Got it. I can't be a rudiger is not a simulation. He is rude. If anyone is proof of a simulation it's Antonio Rudy. And there he is, the robot overlord. That kind of say, I'm expecting this. Dear geo piece to be the most depressing live cover version of Tracy Chapman's fast car. That has ever been sunk. Come join us. Come watch my pain live. Why do we watch? Why do we watch? That's the question that really my whole life has been for the past two weeks, just the highs of arsenal, the lows of Lambeau and selhurst park. As a reminder last week and I'm going to read it again before you tell us the details David one more time of how we get to Twitch along with the GFP public. The great gfo P Gregory michelada sent in an incredible quote, which is really hill but read it so many times in the past ten days from the great Salman Rushdie. Yes, listeners, salmon rushdie, a massive spurs fan wrote these beautiful lines in The New Yorker about 20 years ago. He wrote this is what it means to be a fan to wait, enduring decades of disillusion, and yet have no choice in the matter of allegiance each weekend I turn to the sports page my aorta matically seeks out the spurs result if the team has won the weekend feels richer if the team has lost a black cloud settles its pathetic. It's an addiction. It's monogamous till death do us part love that. That is what we will experience together Thursday, whatever the result they tell the people, how we watch. I'm so excited for this. Okay, just go to twitch.tv slash men in blazers. It's going to have everything. You need to know right there. If you want to watch it on your phone, just search twitch in the App Store, download it, find men in blazers and as if that's not enough, immediately after el blaze Erica, roger, we will be back on television at 5 30 p.m. Eastern Time on NBCSN for a very special edition of the men in blazer show featuring. None other than Matthew McConaughey. Oh, that optimistic missed it. Life wisdom dispensing shirt avoiding philosopher duke king storytelling McConnell since man. A conversation in which we talk is Austin FC, the U.S. World Cup prospects and all around life wisdom just keep living David. That's his motto just keep living words. I had to remind myself of after yesterday's woeful Everton lost to palace. That's Thursday at 5 30 p.m. Eastern Time on NBCSN roger and two other pieces of news. Our final Spotify green room of the year is this Wednesday at 7 p.m..

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