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Tonight definitely interesting or better in that survive is the president of the san diego gulls of these here with us and on the border mission values brought with them one of the new young players of the goals jordan samuel thomas i gotta knows it's sam you also or samuel samuels and it's it is bill last name daniels daniels dash thomas or is this three individual names fan duel five and the month so that's the last night you had your high for him let us with the direction they're guard yeah you know yeah you know this up a lot of various enough and we had a few flights my stuff with that too so okay so it's not three individual names it's a first name and the last name is two words with the gash yeah he is an important stuff he has a particular opinion about people with three no i don't trust people with rate that's that's for especially through first and that's not fair and that's not fair it's not for his from billy race man you know here we are you can understand that's a bought the president of the goals how are you gentlemen thank you for having me and i have one last name one last thing i said easy but just but is it's also kind of a little bit of a we're last think if people like he's us a fun let's call you know they got only get one thing to thing well you have three little kids here with you they're pretty cute maybe a good three things yes i do and they are here to donate to today's cause that's why they came nice that's art so matt for everybody gets to to get here i've got a whole bunch of questions for jordan how would you introduced jordan two goals fans and sports fans around san diego yeah we're really happy to have him in jordan kind of burst onto the san diego seen about a month ago where he was originally in camp as part of a tryout and made the team after scoring two big goals on two consecutive games which i can remember cheering him on from the stands was so happy when he scored because he actually kind of got our season back on track with a little bit of a rough rough start and then all of a sudden jordan joins a team in our out we were on an eight game winning streak had a little rough patch last couple games.

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